Benefits of Working out with a Boobuddy

Benefits of Working out with a Boobuddy

Nearly one in five women say their breasts stop them from partaking in physical activity, but this doesn’t have to be the case. We know working out isn’t the easiest of tasks, particularly when it’s something you don’t really enjoy.

From the uncomfortable pain of bouncing breasts to feeling self-conscious in a public gym and everything else that comes with working out, we know the struggles you face.

We wanted to make a difference to your work out, which is why we created the Boobuddy, a supportive, wearable fitness band that keeps everything in place and helps you to workout.

Boobuddy was created to help women all over the world feel confident when they work out and provide additional support to the breasts which often suffer during workouts.

Whether you’re new to Boobuddy or you just want to learn more, we’ve discovered 6 benefits to working out with a Boobuddy and we assure you’ll never complete a run, yoga session or horse ride without one again.

How Boobuddy Works

Boobuddy is a unique, wearable fitness band that sits on your breasts during workouts.

With an adjustable strap, the band can be worn as an additional support to a sports bra or worn on its own.

Research has shown that your breasts can move as much during a jog as they do during a sprint and this causes the breasts to move in a figure of eight motion. This excessive movement is thought to be bad for your ‘breast kinetics’ which may result in eventual breast sagging.

The science behind it is quite simple, the connective tissues in the breasts are called Cooper’s ligaments and they ultimately help to maintain structural integrity, but they’re not that strong. The Cooper’s ligaments help to support your breast and maintain its position and shape, however when these ligaments are stretched it can give the appearance of sagging, contributing to the breast losing their natural contour and shape.

The Boobuddy helps to reduce the movement of the breasts which research has shown to be a factor in breast kinetics.

Benefits of working out with a Boobuddy

The Benefits of Boobuddy

Benefit 1: Reduces Damage to Cooper’s Ligaments

The Boobuddy helps to keep your breasts in place and reduces the effects working out has on your breast health.

By securing your breasts during excessive movement, this contributes to reducing the stretching of your Cooper’s ligament and therefore the overall sagging of the breast.

Benefit 2: Increases Confidence

Many women with large breasts fear working out because of the movement of the breasts during exercise. Sometimes sports bras aren’t enough to secure you so the Boobuddy can help by giving you extra support.

With a Boobuddy you don’t need to worry about bouncing breasts which many women have said is a huge confidence boost.

Benefits of a Boobuddy Band

Benefit 3: Provides Comfort

Many larger breasted women will be able to relate to the pain and discomfort that comes with working out and thankfully Boobuddy helps to alleviate some of that pain.

The support of the band gives you the feeling of comfort during your workout so you can focus more on the actual exercise and not alter your workout for the sake of your breast pain.

Benefit 4: Looks Stylish

Sports bras are renowned for being less than attractive, and although that’s not their purpose, we’d all prefer a stylish alternative.

The Boobuddy comes in a range of popular colours such as hot pink, stylish black or fluorescent green, allowing you to match your Boobuddy band with the rest of your workout outfit. (If you struggle to pick one colour, don’t worry we do multi-packs to take the stress away).

Boobuddy Breast Support Band

Benefit 5: Easy to Store

We all know the struggles of getting a sports bra on and off, with Boobuddy you won’t have that problem. 

The band is easily worn with a Velcro fitting which means it can be put on and taken off without faffing about. This Velcro further lets you adjust the Boobuddy to fit comfortably on your breasts

Benefit 6: Fits Perfectly in your Gym Bag

Whether you work out at home, in a gym or at your local park, Boobuddy is the perfect accessory that can easily be carried in your sports bag, handbag or even just in your hand (and you won’t be embarrassed when it fall out of your bag in Tesco).

So there you have some of the best benefits of Boobuddy. You can learn more about our incredible fitness band and discover what other women have had to say about their Boobudy experience on our testimonials page

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