Everything You Need To Know About Wearing a Boobuddy Correctly

Everything You Need To Know About Wearing a Boobuddy Correctly

When you’ve got all the support you need, nothing can stop you, and the same is to be said about breast support. There’s a common misconception that breast support is only needed during the most strenuous exercises, yet there are actually very few times during the day when your breasts wouldn’t benefit from an added level of support. 

We discussed some of these occasions on our recent blog ‘5 ways to wear a Boobuddy’, but today we’re going to be looking a little bit closer into how the band should be worn, and also how it shouldn’t. Why is the correct level of breast support important? 

Although breasts come in many different shapes and sizes, we all share the mutual need to have them adequately supported. And although it’s completely up to you whether you choose to wear support or not, there are some things you really need to know about why the breasts need supporting as they do. 

Our all-important assets are physically held up by what are called Cooper’s Ligaments, which reduce the amount of vertical and lateral movement of the tissue during everything from normal daily experiences, to high contact sports. They’re really brilliant at doing their job, but over time, the stress and strain from the weight will begin to show. This can lead to a rise in physical scarring, like the appearance of stretch marks, to more serious issues like ligament tears and muscle damage. 

To avoid any of these unfortunate outcomes, it’s best to utilise all the support you can get your hands on when you feel like it’s most needed.

What is a Boobuddy and How Does It Support the Breasts? 

If you’re new here and are looking for a new level of breast support, get ready because we’re about to literally change your life. Your new best friend, the Boobuddy Breast Support Band is a specially-tailored type of support that applies a comfortable, workable level of compression to the breasts, greatly reducing the damaging experience of excessive movement in the process.

The band is woven with the holy trinity of threads - Polyester, Elastomer, and Nylon - forming an elasticated, breathable material that prevents the band from slipping, whilst also simultaneously sweeping away sweat and body heat.

How to Wear the Boobuddy 

The design of the piece works perfectly at supporting assets both big and small throughout the trials and physical strains of life. But in order for it to do this the best it can, the Boobuddy needs to first be fitted and worn correctly. 

The Boobuddy should be placed comfortably above the breasts, but under the arms. You should avoid wearing it around the front of the breasts or underneath them, as its ability to offer you the right kind of support will be quite limited from this position. You’ll know that it’s fitted right because it’ll most likely feel right. 

The Boobuddy should never be uncomfortable or irritating to wear, and you shouldn’t feel it digging into your underarm area. We’ve designed the bands in three separate sizes, but each band is able to take its exact sizing right down to suit you, thanks to its adjustable velcro close. 

We really recommend trying to set this velcro piece of the band against your back for maximum comfort, and a good trick to do this is to close the velcro on your front, before spinning the band around so that the velcro is sitting against your back. 

So remember, the Boobuddy should always be wrapped around the top of the breasts and under the arms for both maximum efficiency and maximum comfort.

What About Sizing?

As we mentioned before, the Boobuddy band comes available in 3 different sizes; the small is 90cm in length, the medium is a little bit longer at 100cm, and the large goes up to 130cm. We realise this must sound like a jumble of random numbers right now, so thankfully you can use your dress size to accurately determine which size is right for you

If you happen to have a measuring tape to hand, this can also be used to find the correct size. When you’re measuring up, it’s worth remembering that the elasticity of the band allows the fit to be perfectly customised.

If you were to order a band that was way too big, no problem! All you have to do is return the product to us and we’ll get a better fit back to you. If you’re on the fence between 2 different sizes, we’d definitely recommend opting for the smaller size, as you’ll avoid encountering any excess material.

How Tight Should The Boobuddy Be? 

The Boobuddy should be worn tightly, but not so much so that it restricts breathing or circulation. You should feel completely comfortable when wearing it, and if you don’t, don’t be afraid to adjust the level of compression.

In order to maximise the support the band offers, a loose fit is best avoided, as you’ll want the breasts to be brought towards your chest as much as possible. 

Saying this, if the band is rising up often, that’s also a good indication that the band hasn’t been fitted Boobuddy Sizing Chart correctly. You shouldn’t be experiencing any slipping from the band, and that’s when you know that the band is tight enough. And if you really want to test the fit, maybe try out doing a few star jumps to see how much movement your breasts experience.

Does Wearing a Sports Bra Affect the Fit of The Boobuddy? 

We receive a lot of enquiries about whether the Boobuddy can be worn with a sports bra, and if wearing a sports bra affects the fit. The best answer to this is that a sports bra can absolutely be worn with the Boobuddy, and if it feels comfortable, why not!

It’s important to know that the Boobuddy Breast Support Band isn’t the same thing as a standard sports bra. Whilst a bra will only reduce the gravitational downwards pull of the weight of the breasts, it won’t stop any of the lateral or vertical movement that comes with exercise and demanding activity. 

How the Boobuddy differs from this is that it remedies gravitational pull by utilising the most contemporary compression technology in the area most prone to the movement.

The band is fitted differently to a sports bra, and sits above the breasts rather than underneath them. Because of this, wearing a Boobuddy means that the breasts won’t hang away from the chest, and will be better protected against unwanted excessive movements. Because they’re both doing different jobs, it’s absolutely ok to wear both a sports bra and Boobuddy together, or just the Boobuddy on its own if you prefer; the decision is completely up to you and how you feel. 

How Do I Clean my Boobuddy?

Keeping your Boobuddy clean is really essential with this type of support accessory, and highly recommended. The cleaning process for the material is really easy to do, and you can find everything you need to know by heading over to our recent how-to cleaning guide - ‘5 reasons you should clean your Boobuddy Breast Support Band regularly’. 

Is the Boobuddy Right For Me? 

What usually surprises most of our customers about wearing a Boobuddy is how helpful the support is, not just during periods of exercise and high impact sports such as netball, rugby, gymnastics, or HIIT sessions, but during everyday activities too. 

The Boobuddy offers a feeling of freedom, and it typically goes on to become a staple piece of the wardrobe. The use of the band is extremely varied, and its benefits to the breasts are endless. You can never have too much support, no matter what shape or size your breasts are. And so for these reasons, we would definitely recommend the amazing support of the band to all women around the world. 

To discover how Boobuddy is delivering the level of breast support that women deserve, wrap yourself in our colourfully cool collection here: www.theboobuddy.com

For all press, media, distribution and retail enquiries contact: support@theboobuddy.com

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