exercising with a big bust

Exercising With a Big Bust

There are plenty of excuses we use every day for skipping out on the gym but don’t let your boobs halt your success and prevent you from reaching your goals. Exercising with a big bust can be hard, some women feel pain from lack of support, some are self-conscious because of the size and some think their boobs are too big to exercise.

Performing some movements with a large chest can be annoying and sometimes downright painful, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Whether it’s opting for a low impact workout or getting your hands on the best breast support out there, there are still ways you can get your sweat on when exercising with a big bust.

Core Workouts for Exercising with a Big Bust

exercising with a big bust

The core of your body is the midsection, often simply referred to as your ‘abs’, the core involves all of the muscles in your front, side, and back of your midsection. Scientifically speaking, these are called your traverse abdominis, your obliques, lower lats, and erector spinae. If these core muscles become weak or are routinely untrained, it can result in lower back pain and/or protruding waistlines.

When you have a larger chest, you need strong abs and a strong back to be able to support the extra weight on your torso. Working your core helps to strengthen the key muscles that keep you upright and support your back, if you are gifted in the chest area, having a strong core can help to relieve back pain and support the extra weight on your chest.

A strong core is also essential for encouraging a healthy posture, which can help to distribute the weight of your chest in an even, balanced manner. Workouts in this area can aid this and can make your chest sit prouder and your back straighter.

Look into exercises that focus on core muscles training to begin work on building up the strength there and stabilising the body. Back extensions are an integral part of these workouts and help to strengthen the back to avoid injury during all workouts and movements.

exercising with a big bust

Planks are hailed as the go-to for all workouts and they really do work wonders. Having good form is essential, keep your back straight and pull your belly button towards your spine to get the most out of this position.

To work both your front and back of the core, try doing an ab boat with a dumbbell. Sit on your back and hold the dumbbell in both hands straight up in the air, bring your legs into the air and hold your knees at a 90-degree angle. Slowly lower your arms down behind your head while you lower and straighten your legs, without letting your feet touch the ground. Bring your arms and legs back into the starting position in unison and repeat.

Minimise High-Intensity Movements

exercising with a big bust

High-intensity workouts are amazing for burning fat and losing weight but exercising with a big bust can be a nightmare when you’re jumping and running.

If the pain in your boobs from high-intensity moves is too much to bear, consider alternative ways of working out that burn just as much fat and calories. For example, if running is out of the question, a brisk, uphill powerwalk can be just as effective at increasing cardiovascular output if sustained for a longer period of time.

If you’re working on building lower-body muscle, swap out jumping movements like jumping squats and jumping lunges for weighted variations. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and slow down the move without sacrificing your workout.

Breast Support for Big Busts

It’s all well and good strengthening your core to support your back due to your chest, but sometimes, the movements to do that can result in the pain you’re trying to avoid. This is why it’s essential to make sure your breasts are well supported when exercising with a big bust.

The first step to supporting a large chest when exercising is finding the right sports bra for you. It pays to shop around and spend a little more on purchasing a high quality one from a reputable store rather than going cheap and getting a bad product.

IF you want the ultimate breast bounce prevention, The Boobuddy has been designed to do just that. Developed with a medical background, The Boobuddy can help drastically reduce excess, unwanted movement in all directions and can do wonders when you’re exercising with a big bust.

Perfect for any activity and any size and shape of breasts, The Boobuddy can also aid sag prevention. As we get older, the tissue in our breasts becomes more susceptible to stretch due to the strain put on the Cooper’s Ligament. This can result in irreversible sagging of the breast.

Buy your Boobuddy today and see the difference it can make to your workout.

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