Small Boobs Bounce Too

Small Boobs Bounce Too

There are a lot of misconceptions about small boobs, one being that they don’t need a Boobuddy when working out.

But this isn’t the case and women with small boobs can too benefit from the support offered by wearing a Boobuddy.

Even though women with smaller boobs experience less movement during workouts, their breasts still move and this can cause the same pain and discomfort that women with larger breasts feel.

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth studied the bounce and effects of exercise on the breasts with women of all breast sizes from AA to HH cups and chest-band sizes from 28 to 40 inches.

Women with a breast size larger than an F cup experienced frequent breast pain and discomfort but surprisingly for some, 25% of the women with a breast size of an A cup or smaller said they too experienced breast pain.

This pain was apparent even when wearing a sports bra which highlights the need for additional support, even for those with smaller boobs.

Small boobs bounce too

This exhibited that small breast still feel the effects of boob bounce during workouts and this movement can, like with bigger breasts, have a negative effect on your performance and want to regularly exercise. As we know, breasts are a leading discouragement when it comes to women and working out and this doesn’t change for smaller breasted women.

Biomechanical studies have found that as many as 56% of women suffer from breast discomfort during exercise, particularly during activities such as running and jumping.

Breast movement during exercise has been discovered as a contributing factor in discouraging women from working out to their full potential or even stopping them from working out altogether.

Wearing a sports bra is advised for women of all breast sizes when doing any kind of physical activity including running, jogging, horse riding, HIIT classes and even yoga. However, to provide yourself with additional support, wearing a Boobuddy in addition to your sports bra can provide you with increased support that many sports bras just don’t offer.

Women of all breast sizes can benefit from wearing the Boobuddy band, which is adjustable for optimal comfort and comes in three sizes; small, medium and large as well as a range of colours so you’ll still look cute and coordinated whilst working up a sweat.

The Boobuddy

The heavier your breasts, the more they may hurt but that doesn’t mean that small, lighter boobs don’t hurt. The movement during exercise is the same for breasts big and small, they move in a figure of eight motion (up-down, side-side, front-back).

This out of sync movement is unnatural and this is why it can be painful to run with little or the wrong support. Securing your breasts in place is the only way to reduce this pain and movement, for women with breasts big and small.

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