GIRL BOSSES OF GREAT BRITAIN - Fiona Watson, Booband Founder

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Our lovely founder was recently featured in the online magazine House of Coco for their Girl Bosses series and we thought we would share her story and how she created Booband:

It’s no secret that we love shouting about #Girlbosses from around the world in our latest series of features and today is no different. We stumbled across a brand that we have been looking for ever since we hit puberty (seriously!). A brand that can help our BOOBS feel more comfortable whilst we workout (which we do, occasionally…honest!). This brand is Booband, founded by Fiona Watson who is the ultimate multitasking  #Girlboss.

Like all great products the story of the Booband is one of ‘form follows function’. Fiona is an active woman and an avid runner. Her lifestyle was always hampered by one uncomfortable problem (or two uncomfortable problems to be specific!)

Here, she tells us her story…

Tell us a bit about Booband and your journey to getting where you are today?
I started running seriously in 2012 in an attempt to get fit and shift the baby weight I’d been trying to lose for years. I went from no exercise to running a marathon within a year. Throughout my training and despite wearing a good sports bra, sometimes 2 at a time, I found my boobs uncomfortable and even painful- moving about way too much! I sourced a compression bandage as I wanted to stop the vertical bounce of my boobs and give myself an extra dimension to the support of the sports bra. I found it really worked but didn’t look great. I had the idea of manufacturing a band which looked sporty but did the job of reducing bounce and could fit and benefit a variety of women of different shapes and sizes. Talking to friends who run and reading running blogs I had realised this was a common problem for women.

I tried for a year on my own to get a manufacturer in China and elsewhere with no success- no one came back to me- it was very frustrating. I happened to be chatting to my neighbour Steve one day and I told him about my idea. He thought straight away that it was a brilliant idea. He had helped a few other start up companies to achieve potential and offered to help. His experience and enthusiasm for Booband has been fantastic and we are now business partners. We sourced a manufacturer and after many trials and errors got the product i wanted.

What has been your highlight since launching the brand?
The highlight has been the tremendous positive feedback from women who find Booband just as great as I do.

Describe Booband in 3 words?
Booband is breast support re-invented.

Tell us what a typical day in your life looks like?
A typical day for me involves dropping my 3 children off at school. I then set off for my day job as an account manager for a medical devices company which takes me all over the south east visiting customers and driving sometimes up to 200 miles a day. I make phone calls catch up on emails etc. I then pick the children up at the end of the day, help with homework, cook dinner finish any day job emails and then make the time to work on Booband.


Who is involved in the brand?
My business partner Steve has a great team of people with diverse skills who work with him and they are my go to resource along with my family who are a good sounding board for thoughts and ideas.

What are your plans for the brand in 2016?
My big drive in 2016 for Booband is to increase awareness. I know Booband works and many women can benefit but they don’t know about it yet. I’d like to see all women who participate in medium to high intensity sport and activities adding a Booband to their sports kit.

Did you always know that one day you would be a #Girlboss?
I never imagined I’d be a girlboss. I’ve always worked for large corporations and this journey so far with Booband has been a tremendously enjoyable and insightful introduction into business for me. Like most women who work and run a home and family ,time management is essential. Taking time to review progress and adjust the business plan often get overlooked in the scramble thru’ daily life- I need to do more of this.

My biggest learn has been not to take it personally if someone doesn’t like my product. I don’t need everyone to like it- just enough of them!

Follow Fiona and Booband’s journey…

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