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Run Like A Girl

Posted by Viv Wilson on

Whether you are considering taking your first run, mid way through training for your next 10K or focusing on smashing your PB it is always worth being in the know when it comes to preparing properly before a run.


A good warm up is key for preparing your body to run, any exercises that will open up your hip flexors are ideal as is the cool down after where it is essential to stretch our your quads, hips, calves and chest.  A good tip is to do 20 squats both before and after a run to kick start your metabolism and circulation.

Getting organised and equipped is also an essential part of running.  According to research by Runners World 75% of people listen to music while running as they find it both enhances performance but also lowers the perception of effort.  A must have piece to accompany your iPhone/ipod is the Earebel Sports headband available from www.earebel.co.uk.  A perfect fitting pair of new trainers goes without saying as an excessively worn pair may increase the risk of repetitive injuries.  A good sports bra backed up with a Booband is also essential for comfort and will help prevent injury and sagging.  A final useful bit of equipment is a foam roller, available at gaiam.co.uk, for both use before and after your run to help boost circulation.

A final tip is to make sure the fuel you put back in after your run will help your muscles heal and grow, try a smoothie with coconut water, blueberries, kiwi, spinach and a banana to replace lost potassium or maybe a chicken salad or some homemade soup.




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