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Starting Your Fitness Journey

Posted by Viv Wilson on

New year, new you? This phrase gets branded about every January as we head to the gym with our new trainers and fresh outlook for the year ahead. A new year resolution works for many but taking up fitness or a new healthy way of living can happen at anytime, by anyone and anywhere – it’s never too late!




Once you have decided on the sport or exercise regime you want to start then it is important to set out your goals, this way you are more likely to stick at a programme and improve your fitness. It is also worth assessing your fitness level when you begin in order to monitor improvements – this will also help with motivation when you start to see even the smallest of changes.

The fun bit when taking up anything new is getting the correct equipment – yes now is the time to go and buy those bright trainers and fun leggings, anything to make you feel good and inspire you to get out there and get on it.

Always remember to start slowly and build up gradually, that way you limit the risk of injury. Finally it is important to monitor your progress – keep a record of times, disances, speed etc in whatever your chosen activity – another motivator that will help you be surprised by how far you’ve come from when you first set out on your new exercise journey.



Whether it is a gym programme, a dance class, running, walking, mountain biking or yoga good luck with the new you and you will soon see the benefits!


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