Everything You Need to Know about the Booband Name Change

Everything You Need to Know about the Booband Name Change

In 2018, we’re striving to be even better at supporting women while they exercise. With a great product that is designed with real women in mind, we thought it was time to bring our international family together under one roof. How? With Boobuddy!

If you’re part of the US branch of our family, you may have already heard of Boobuddy. But for our British women, European women, Middle Eastern Women, Australian Women and everyone else in between, you’ll be more accustomed to your favourite breast support bearing the name ‘Booband’.

Don’t worry! The Booband and The Boobuddy are exactly the same great product, protecting your assets and helping you continue to be the superhero that you are.

Why Did Booband Change Its Name?

booband name change

When Booband was launched in 2015, we never knew the magnitude of just how needed our support band was. Over the past three years, the demand has been off the charts, with women from all over the world rushing to snap up all our different colours, sizes and special editions.

As we grew, Boobuddy was decided to be the perfect name for our US customers and you guys loved it! Now, we’re working to create a community of like-minded, active, healthy women and a big part of this is having one name for everyone.

From now, you’ll be able to find all your Boobuddy related needs under one roof. No more confusion if you order from a location-specific supplier! When you order a band, you’ll receive your colour and your size with the Boobuddy logo on the front.

The quality and performance of the Boobuddy will be exactly the same as the Booband. Made from durable elastic with modern Velcro, it’s comfortable and helps to reduce any excess movement while you work out.

Why Boobuddy?

booband name change

It is so important to protect your boobs when you work out. Not many women are aware of just how damaging excess breast movement during exercise can be. The Cooper’s Ligaments that attach breast tissue to the pectoral muscles are very fragile and can easily become stretched if boobs are subjected to sustained and excess movement.

That’s why we wanted to create something that went hand in hand with your sports bra and your body. Consider it a Buddy for your Boobs, supporting your chest when you need it most.

High Impact exercises, such as running or jumping, places tension on the supporting structures of the breast which can result in pain and irreversible sagging.

You may notice our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram begin to change in the coming days, soon you’ll be able to keep up to date with all things Boobuddy related in real time as we update all of our channels daily! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram and Like us on Facebook to be the first to hear about exclusive discounts and exciting product launches.

Where Can I Buy the Boobuddy?

booband name change

The Boobuddy is available at all the places the Booband was. Purchase directly from our shop or head over to Amazon, wherever you buy from, be assured that the product you’re getting is the same great brand you’ve come to love – just with a different name!

If you have any questions about the Booband name change or need any more information, email us at to speak to our friendly support staff.

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