Fitness Trends you HAVE to try in 2018

fitness trends

Fitness trends come and go as the industry adapts to what the public wants and new developments in sports science are discovered. For 2018, there are some exciting new additions that will fit right in with your fitness goals.

The Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends has pegged some newcomers and some firm favourites for what you should expect to blow up this year. Be prepared for these fitness trends to start appearing on your Instagram feeds and popping up on your Snapchat soon!

HIIT Keeps Up The Intensity

fitness trends

The past few years have been huge for High-Intensity Interval Training, with many in the fitness industry utilising the efficiency and effectiveness of a HIIT workout over, say, long, slow cardio.

HIIT is a great way to get your heart rate up, burn fat and get toned, all with a short, but intense workout. The workout is also diverse, meaning you can adapt your routines to work different areas of your body or to focus on a particular muscle group.

The important thing to remember with HIIT is that it is all about the intervals. This can be adapted to your fitness level but a good split would be a ratio of 2:1, high intensity: low intensity. For example, this split could look like 30 seconds of high intensity then 15 seconds of rest.

For an extra boost, substitute your rest interval with something low intensity such as a jog on the spot if you’re doing a floor routine, a static squat if you’re focusing on strength training or slowing down on an exercise bike if you’re completing a cardio push.

However, HIIT does come with certain downfalls. Due to the intensity of the workout, the body takes a minimum of 48 hours to recover and the nature of the hard work involved means there is more scope for injury while working out. Always consult a trained professional when beginning any new programme.

Virtual Running

fitness trends

We all know by now that running is a great way to get fit. Whether you're hitting the treadmill or exploring the great outdoors, there's no end to ways you can have fun while you're running.

Virtual running is a way to take part in a community-driven initiative, without having to find a group of people in your area to do so. Simply sign up to the race of your choice, run in your own time, submit your proof and get a snazzy medal for your efforts!

At Booband, we've launched our first virtual run for charity in partnership with Pink Ribbon Foundation. Choose from 2k, 5k or 10k when you enter and £2 from every entry will go towards supporting those living with breast cancer and the charities that are searching for a cure.

Enter our virtual run for charity here and take a small step to reaching your goals this year!

Up Your Game with the Strength-Training Fitness Trend

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Thanks to the emergence of strong girls and women, the misconception that women will get bulky from lifting is, thankfully, starting to disappear and girls all over the world are championing the results from adding strength-training or lifting into a weekly routine.

The idea of heading to the weights sections seems daunting, but don’t be intimidated! Everyone is in the gym for the same reason and no one will bat an eyelid if you’re trying out some of the best new fitness trends. It’s important to remember to start light with any exercises you choose to try out and read up on the correct form and movement to ensure you’re doing things correctly.

With regards to form, blanket advice for all moves is to keep a neutral spine and to not lock out any joints (except certain moves), but all lifting exercises have their own set of teaching points that are necessary to follow to prevent injury. Consult a trainer at your gym if you’re unsure about the correct way to lift.

It’s a good idea to start light when you begin your lifting journey to get an idea of your base strength, but don’t be worried about pushing yourself! Once you’ve got your form down, go for it and try and improve your one rep max.

Train with Mates to Motivate

fitness trends

We all know the power of motivation by now, and what better way to spring into the new year than signing up to group fitness classes to make working out fun and pushing those with lower fitness levels to try more intense exercises.

Although group classes have been one of the fitness trends to try since the dawn of time, their popularity has grown, coming in at number six in the Worldwide Survey of Exercise Trends.

As the classes are perfect for all levels of fitness to get involved, it can ease any qualms about feeling insecure when working out – after all, everyone else is doing exactly the same as you!

The Workout Buddy on Your Wrist

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The modern world has truly brought us along leaps and bounds when it comes to advances in technology. Wearable technology is revolutionising the way that we work out and the fitness trend is set to continue throughout 2018.

Activity trackers, heart rate monitors, GPS tracking devices, smart watches and smart eyeglasses are all pegged to continue their reign in the fitness world.

Choosing one that’s right for you can be a tricky decision. It all depends on your personal goals and what you need from the tracker. A basic FitBit, and its partner app, are great for motivating you to reach goals you set while tracking how many steps you take. What’s great about the FitBit is, it takes into account your basic metabolic rate when calculating how many calories you burn throughout the day. This makes it easier to see exactly why you have to eat the amount of calories it expects – your basic metabolic rate burns more calories than you think!

For something more high-end Apple Watches can even track your heart rate for a more accurate representation of how many calories you’re burning throughout the day. You can even set an alarm to remind you to stay active if you have been stationary for too long.

Box Your Way to the Top

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More and more people are beginning to recognise the benefits of high impact exercises and boxing is one of our favourite fitness trends for this year.

With the likes of Gigi Hadid and Gwen Stefani championing the benefits of going a few rounds in the ring, the sport has been brought to the forefront of fitness trends to watch in 2018.

The stereotypically male-dominated sport is perfect for getting your heart rate up, burning fat and looking bad-ass while doing it! Find your local boxing gym to begin your journey to the ring, experienced boxing coaches will ensure that whatever punches or kicks you throw will be safe.

Boxing is also a great way to compliment any fitness regime as it’s a great way to improve on cardiovascular fitness and strength training. It all ties in together for an all-over workout.

Freezing Recovery

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Cryotherapy may not be a fitness trend in itself but it can be a great way to aid recovery after a workout and it’s been making waves recently.

The premise is simple: after a gruelling workout, visit a cryotherapy centre and enter a freezing chamber to restrict blood flow to parts of your body, reportedly to reduce inflammation around soft-tissue injuries.

The practice is more and more commonly being exercised in the football industry, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Jamie Vardy being fans of the fitness trend. Some have even credited cryotherapy with helping Leicester City win the Premier League in 2016.

The jury is still out on the science behind cryotherapy, but if you’re someone who loves to try anything once, give it a go!

Try a 2018 Fitness Trend with Your Booband

fitness trends

Whatever fitness trend you decide to try in 2018, make sure you protect your assets and join the revolution to beat the bounce.

The Booband is worn at the top of your chest and can help to reduce bounce when doing exercise. Maximise your comfort and help to prevent sagging through excess movement.

Choose from a range of colours in the perfect size and change the way you take on fitness trends forever.

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