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Focus on ... Roller Derby

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We recently received a lovely email from one of our Booband customers letting us know about her contact sport of choice and a sport that it is one of the fastest growing both in the UK and internationally - Roller Derby.

Knowing very little about this team sport we were excited to find out more about a sport that is both female dominated and could even one day be in consideration to become an Olympic sport.

Two teams, consisting of 5 members in each, battle it out on an indoor track. Both teams head in the same direction on quad skates while wearing protective padding and a helmet.  In a series of two minute jams each team member looks to block their opponents whilst assisting their own appointed jammer, who scores points by lapping the opposing team -  it is a fast and furious sport full of strategy and tactics as well as being full contact, so a close eye is required by the referees at all times.

Further details on the rules and how to play this exciting game can be found at https://wftda.com/the-game/



For those of you who think this could be a fun way of getting active and enjoying a team sport and are interested in finding a Roller Derby club or league then take a look at the UK Roller Derby Association to find a team near you.

Once you've seen a few matches you are likely to be hooked to watching the fast paced nature and the great team spirit of this exciting sport.

Thanks again for the recommendation and introducing us to Roller Derby Caitlin S. If any of our active Booband followers would like us to focus on a sport or activity they enjoy then do let us know!




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