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Focus on ... Triathlons

Posted by Viv Wilson on


 For those of you wishing to ramp up your weekly workout and push yourself to take up a new challenge then Triathlons may well be for you.

Swimming, cycling and long distance running all combine together to make a triathlon where you then compete as either a team or an individual.  

When undertaking a triathlon it is imperative to have a good training programme in place that equally covers the three disciplines and prepares you for the endurance and physicality required.  Training camps are a good way to prep for an event and etetricamps are just one of many companies who can offer a variety of boot camps designed to develop triathletes whether you're a beginner or experienced athlete.



As important as having a tailor made training plan is the kit you wear and a good trisuit will provide padding as well as a built in sports bra. Designed so you can run, bike and swim in it they are quick drying and of course save you valuable time during transition from each discipline.  

For those women who need a little more help than just a good supportive sports bra during a race will benefit greatly from the Booband. Proven to hold up in water and also to be quick drying the Booband can be worn over a bra and under your trisuit making it a great addition to your triathlon kit. Comfort and confidence will ensue as you tackle each challenge with dreaded bounce and excess movement being kept well under control.



Although many events take place during the summer months it is possible to compete in a triathlon through out the year so if you feel up for the challenge visit britishtriathlon.org to sign up but make sure you choose an event 2-3 months from now to ensure you have adequately trained and prepared yourself. 


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