You Absolutely Must Exercise With a Resistance Band; and Here’s Why

You Absolutely Must Exercise With a Resistance Band; and Here’s Why

It seems now more than ever that health, wellbeing and self-care are at the forefront of public consciousness. People ask for nothing more than to build and maintain their strength in as convenient way as possible.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, or just working out at home, your training session won’t go far wrong with a Resistance Band close by.

These super-versatile and extremely powerful bands are the gift that just keep on giving, here are 5 must-know benefits of a resistance band:


Awaken Sleeping Muscles

There’s a high chance that your body isn’t using all the muscles available to it, and unfortunately that spells bad news for your posture, balance and stability. Training with a Resistance Band will allow you to expand these smaller muscle groups, and develop better muscle activation patterns.

You’ll find your movement and flexibility greatly improved, as the true benefit to muscular endurance.

Physical Rehabilitation

SMUG Active have packed their Looped Resistance Band Sets with 5 bands of varying strength, and it’s this clever hack that will guide your muscles through vital rehabilitation. Injuries to the knee, shoulder and hip areas are all too common thanks to the physical demand we exert on to them, and use of Resistance Bands has proved integral to muscle repair.

Exposure to the fluctuating levels of traction between bands is just what muscles need to mend and improve; whilst SMUG Active’s predicable use of only the most superior quality latex allows the bands to retain their shape and tension over repetitive and long-term periods of use.

Levelling Up Your Workout

Although they’re great for 1-on-1 use, too many remain surprised by the fact that Resistance Bands can be incorporated with the use of your other gym equipment.

Our favourite example of this is when they’re wrapped around the end of a weight bar or dumbbell, as they make each rep that little bit more challenging, whilst allowing you to gain a better idea of what’s working during your workout, and what’s not.

When used in this way, you can also better control the angle at which you’re training at, and more specifically which muscle groups you’re using; something that’s especially useful if you’re working with an injury.

Light as a Feather

Versatility is the ultimate goal for any piece of gym equipment, and it’s probably why the popularity of Resistance Bands has only risen within recent years.

They’re designed for compound exercises, which incorporate the use of several muscle groups throughout one session.

As Resistance Band exercises are more geared towards compound movements, you’re far more likely to be enjoying a full body workout when using one, whilst their flexibility and easy-to-use nature means that you can feel their benefit pretty much anywhere! 

Better Form, Better You

When used correctly, Resistance Bands can work wonders for your overall body strength, balance and posture. They place your muscles, even the sleeping ones, under constant tension, which will cause them to work harder, and stimulate their own growth.

The quality of each movement is not only tested, but significantly improved; something that just can’t be compared or compromised.

If you’re burning for the body-loving benefits of these brilliant bands, dive into SMUG Active’s range here.

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