Big Boobs – The Pros And Cons


Large breasts have a reputation for being the best thing since sliced bread… but as with everything, with the good must come the ugly. Don’t get me wrong, big boobs come in handy 50% of the time, but the other 50% they are the biggest bane of your life. Here are our pros and cons of being in the big boobs club…



Great entertainment

Boobs aren’t just there for practical reasons, they’re your own permanent stress balls. Sometimes you’ll find yourself binge watching Netflix and notice you’re bouncing your boobs with your hand… just because you can. Your big fun bags can provide hours of entertainment! Also… lightly squeezing your boobs on a regular basis has been proven to help prevent breast cancer.

They give great cuddles

There’s nothing better than hugging a big boobed lady! Who wouldn’t want two personal pillows attached to their chest? They are basically there to comfort people in their time of need.

Men love them

Obviously every man has a different taste, whether you’ve got an A cup or a D cup, boobs are boobs and men love them. All bodies are beautiful. Big bosoms can be a great saviour if you’re having a bad face day… it’s not like 80% of men look at your face anyway. Get that plunge dress on and show off what your mama gave you.

Extra storage!

No purse? No problem! Big boobs are the perfect storage space for all your money, phone and even food. There is nothing more satisfying than getting in from a night out and taking your bra off only to find a £20 note you completely forgot about. They’re also your personal shelf for snacks when lounging on the couch. All hail big boobs!




Stairs are the actual devil for anyone with boobs with a D cup or bigger. It’s literally impossible to run up or down the stairs without holding onto your boobs for dear life. And if you have no bra on, don’t even think about it! They literally feel like they are going to fall off your chest and take your collarbones with them! Sometimes I feel like wearing a Boobuddy 24/7 for this reason alone.

Unwanted comments

Hands in the bucket if you’ve heard “surprised you haven’t given yourself a black eye with them things!” at least 3 times in your life whilst working out. Snoooooooze. Read our blog on what NOT to say to a girl with big boobs here.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Dressing for a large chest is very tough. Forget button up shirts, flowy tops and thin straps… they are NOT your friend. Every button up shirt you own has to be 2 sizes bigger than your normal dress size otherwise you face the dreaded gape. It’s hard finding office wear as showing the smallest amount of cleavage will probably make you look like a porn star.

Ugly bras

It’s a known fact that if your cup size is above a D, good luck finding a bra that isn’t nude or just plain boring. Say goodbye to bralettes and cute lacy numbers unless you want to spend half of your months wages on a cute bra.


Love them or hate them, all boobs are a blessing regardless of size. We will embrace them always!

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