Embracing Your Breast Size

When it comes to confidence so many women fall short on certain areas of their bodies. One of the time old classics being breasts. Some smaller breasted women wish they could afford breast implants. Larger breasted women worry about the inevitable boob-bounce on a daily basis. While body positivity is hardly ever an easy journey, it’s a worthwhile one. Once you learn to love the girls, you’ll find it a whole lot easier to embrace your whole look.

First of all, let’s cover why you ought to appreciate your breasts a bit more.

  1. People, including men, will notice your newly-found confidence and find it attractive.
  2. You’ll find shopping a whole lot easier when you stop blanket-banning certain styles for how they emphasise your chest size.
  3. Not only will you feel better, you’ll inspire other women around you to do the same.

Throughout adolescence many women develop insecurities about their breasts. Being bombarded with images of the perfectly perky, perfectly sized breasts on models takes its toll. However, most women (whether smaller chested or bustier) have completely different ideas on the perfect breast size and shape. The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Smaller-breasted women dream of a fuller cleavage and defined curves. Busty ladies wish they didn’t have such a weighty burden resting on their chest 24/7. Not a great deal of women feel that their size is the right size, despite most likely being the envy of ladies at the other side of the spectrum.

Ditch the chicken fillets. Sure, they might boost your humble A-cup to a C, but they won’t help when you’re petrified of getting to that point of the date and you’re faced with seemingly (and suddenly) deflated breasts, or your midnight rendezvous having a handful of silicone.

Stop thinking the world finds your big bouncing bosom offensive. So many larger breasted women fear the gym for emphasising how much they move about. Remember how many other women are in the same boat, set the example, affect the change. You’ll begin to notice that many other women feel the same way. You’ll probably find yourself giving your big-breasted sisters at the gym a nod of solidarity.

Learn to love the dressing room.

The fitting room can be a battleground. Trying to find styles that you’re convinced are more appropriate for your chest size limits your clothing choices and ultimately limits your shopping creativity. When you’re next shopping and searching for the dress with the neckline high enough to conceal the straps of the arsenal of ultra-padded bras which clog up your drawers, try out the low cut backless dress that you can’t help but go braless with. When you’re looking for the compressing bandage dresses that will keep your load on lock-down, try out the loose fabric, free-fitting gown that lets it all hang out. Try out styles you wouldn’t ordinarily dream of. You’ll be surprised to see how unoffensive they actually are. In fact, you’ll most likely recall seeing another girl of similar statute in the same cut – and wonder why you never noticed how amazing she looked.

Regardless of your cup size, remember beauty comes in many different forms and that ultimately there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to potential suitors. Everybody has different preferences and you are somebody’s preference, just as you are.

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