Going Braless – to Bare or Not to Bare.

It’s the end of a long day. You woke up at 7am, got dressed, made breakfast, went to work, went grocery shopping, took all your backlogged washing to the launderette, cooked dinner, took a late-night trip to the gym and got the last bus home. You step into the bathroom and finally, finally, you can take off your bra. The feeling of freedom is literally incomparable. But have you ever wondered how the day might’ve felt if you skipped the bra step back at 7am?

You’ve seen it done many a time by many brazen and audacious women before you. You might’ve questioned their unrivalled confidence, or you might’ve considered a trip to the bathroom to whip off your own. Most likely, you’ve thought about it and almost immediately decided you weren’t ready for such a bold move.

From my own experience of voyaging into the unknown territory of public braless-ness, I can confirm it isn’t necessarily an easy move to make. It takes a considerable lifestyle adjustment. The first couple of days felt like walking into the office stark naked. But I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t like it.

Should you ever decide to take a walk on the wild side with me, here are some things you ought to consider.

You’re going to feel like everyone can see your nipples.

Looking down at your own chest may well alarm you. From a bird’s eye view, they’ll never look so pointy as when you’re sat at your desk on a cold February morning. Do not look down. I repeat, do not look down. The more you try to subtly glance at the girls, the more people will realise there’s something amiss. More than likely (unless you’re wearing a thin, tight, white shirt) people won’t actually notice that you decided to ditch the bra at the dresser. That is, unless you can’t take your eyes off your tatas to check that all is in order. If you look, they will look, and they will find. If you’re truly unable to keep your head up and coat the self-consciousness, use some nipple pasties ’til you get the hang of it.

The environment will affect you in new ways.

Yes, bailing the bra will affect the way you feel in general. You will notice the top-on-nip contact. You’ll feel breezes around the bosom that you’ve never experienced. You’ll realise how often you actually bump your breasts during day-to-day activity. But more importantly, your boobies will experience temperature change like never before. The cold will not only give you nipples that can cut glass, but also make your breasts feel itchier and dryer than before, my only advice is a little moisturiser or massage oil around your lady lumps. The flip side (arguably the more unbearable side) is the summer.

You might be used to temperate breasts under the cover of your bra, but nothing will prepare you for the sweating and chafing of boob-on-skin contact. Under-boob sweat is real, people. Even on smaller breasts. The only solution I have to offer is talcum powder, and plenty of it. You’re going to want to keep a little in your handbag once you take the plunge.

Accept the force of gravity.

Don’t expect your boobs to hang as they do when lifted, supported and shaped by a bra. They won’t be as round, they won’t miraculously remain centred and they won’t be propped up. Anticipate the natural positioning of your breasts, and don’t be disheartened that they don’t look like the boobs you’ve seen on celebrities walking down the red carpet.

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