Why You Should Get a Proper Bra Fitting

Very few women go for regular bra fittings. Many women I know have either never had one or haven’t for many years. Given that so many different brands offer inconsistent sizing, it’s unsurprising that many women don’t bother. However, ladies who don’t wear the correct size bra don’t always have the support they need. 80 per cent of women don’t wear the correct size – this needs to change.

Often women consider the fit of a bra to be like the fit of clothing. If you can get it on and isn’t obscenely baggy, it must fit! However, that isn’t the case. Bra measurements are far more complicated than a dress size. At a proper bra fitting, specialists will check:

  1. The band

Fitters will check that the band around your chest is not too right or too loose. The band should be snug about fit about two fingers under its elastic. This ensures that the bra won’t dig in but will still provide adequate support.

  1. The front fit

The bridge of the bra between the two cups should be flat on your sternum. If there’s a gap, this means that the bra is too small.

  1. Underwiring

Making sure that the underwiring doesn’t dig in is vital to making sure the bra is comfortable. A professional bra fitter will make sure that there isn’t too much pressure around the side of the cups.

  1. Cup size

A fitter will check that the breast completely fills the cup without any spilling over the top. This is important to ensure it gives adequate support. It also prevents the dreaded ‘double boob’ appearance caused by not having enough room in the cup.

This is often why we buy a bra in our usual size and find it’s completely useless. These components vary depending on the style, materials, and brand. If you’re going to invest in a bra, you want it to be comfortable and supportive. That’s why it’s always best to check if your size has changed each time. Lingerie stores usually offer free fittings with their specialists. It’s always more cost-effective to double check, even if your last fitting wasn’t too long ago. Your body (and especially your breasts!) change all the time with changes to your weight and hormones, don’t get caught out.

Though many women find it daunting to brave a bra fitting, it’s not so bad! Professional bra fitters do this every single day and they’ve seen it all before. Often a bra fitter will be willing to measure you over clothes if you’d prefer not to strip off. If you really can’t bring yourself to get a fitting in person, there are some online calculators that can help. These might not be as accurate as seeing a professional, but they’ll be more helpful than hazarding a guess!

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