Triple Nipple Club – Are You Part Of It?

I bet when you think of a “third nipple” you automatically think of an actual normal sized nipple in addition to the other two. But did you know 1 in 18 people are part of the triple nipple club! I bet that’s one boob fact you didn’t know.  A third nipple (supernumerary nipple) is not always what you think it will look like, in fact they are often mistaken for moles! (Cue all readers checking their chest area for a third nipple…)

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What does a third nipple look like?

A third nipple is usually not as fully developed as a regular nipple. Although they are most commonly on the “milk line” of your body (the area on the front of your body that starts in your armpit and goes down through and past your nipples to your genital area), they can actually appear anywhere on the body… including your hands and feet! Often people dismiss their third nipple as a mole or birthmark, however it is possible to tell the difference.  Moles or birthmarks tend to be flat, whereas a third nipple will be raised and possibly ridged.

Is it something to worry about?

Absolutely not. To be honest, a third nipple is utterly, completely pointless. They form whilst in the womb, around week 4 of the pregnancy when the developing embryo’s two milk lines begin to thicken. The milk lines are made of ridged ectoderm tissue and will eventually become part of the baby’s skin. Two strips of tissue across the chest known as the “mammary ridges” regress in-utero, and in doing so two regular nipples form. However, there are instances where they don’t regress altogether, which can result in an additional nipple!

Who is in the triple nipple club?

It’s really not as rare as you might think!  You might be surprised at the list of celebrities who are public about their third nipple. The triple nipple club includes: Lily Allen, Mark Wahlberg, Harry Styles, Carrie Underwood, Joanna Krupa and Zac Efron!



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