What NOT to say to a girl with big boobs

Ok, let’s get one thing clear, boobs are great. Everybody loves them. But when somebody mentions something about your appearance more often than they should – it gets tiring. Even if it is about boobs. If you see a girl with bigger-than-average lady lumps, please don’t ever say any of the following…

Your boobs are HUGE!”

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Wow, really?! I have never noticed that before. Thank you so much for making me aware!

“So, what size bra do you wear?”

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Ok, if it’s your best friend asking then I suppose this question isn’t the weirdest. But you would be surprised at how many STRANGERS ask this totally inappropriate question! Top tip: if you’re a man trying to chat a girl up at the bar, under no circumstances should the above words come out of your mouth.

“I wish my boobs were as big as yours!”

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No honey, no you do not. You get cute bralettes, what do I get? Back pain and weird comments from strangers.

“Stop complaining – some women pay good money for those!”

If I want to complain about the large, unwanted melons on my chest that I DIDN’T pay for, then you better believe that’s exactly what I’ll do. Mind your business.

“I bet you get served really quick at the bar!”

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I’m pretty sure a girl who is struggling to get through her 12 hour bar shift does not give priority to serve booby women over someone who was there first. Behave yourself.

“You should show them off more often!”

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Oh so I can get a lot of unwanted attention? Or so I can constantly be on edge that they’re going to fall out and have my best mate on nipple watch all night?

Saying absolutely anything whilst staring at the chest area

Eyes are up here gif, my eyes are here, big boobs

Honest to God some men have a better eye-to-boob contact than eye-to-eye contact. Not cool guys. MY EYES ARE UP HERE!

“I bet they make lovely pillows”

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Yes, they certainly do. But you will never ever ever find out for yourself with creepy comments like that.

What are some of the worst things you’ve heard (or overheard) when it comes to big boobs? Let us know in the comments below.

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