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A study carried out by the University of Portsmouth and Sparsholt College has found that the majority of female riders suffer from uncomfortable breast pain while riding.  

Women with larger chests were found to suffer more and that breast pain had a direct affect on their performance.  This is something we have become increasingly aware of at Booband HQ as we hear from more and more grateful horse riding customers on how Booband has increased comfort and aided performance and confidence whilst riding.

Whether you ride leisurely or prefer to take part in dressage or eventing competitions every female rider will notice the benefits of good breast support.  This week we have also heard that Hazel Jackson will be the first female polo player to captain the England team and so what better time to support (literally) female riders and help prevent ligament damage and pain in what can often be an uncomfortable experience for many women.



But don't just take our word for it one of our many customers who rides left the following review on Booband:

"I have found a product that will eliminate all "bounce", "upper wobbles" and something that could prevent that movement - that all ladies, particularly the bigger busted ones are familiar with - where you can just feel your boobs bouncing around - even in the best of sports bras.
So in everyday terms the Booband is simply a piece of material that you place around your boobs.. over your regular bra - its light and discreet enough to be worn under even a vest.It is being worn over the top in these pictures, just to show followers what it looks like - but even worn under a white showjumping shirt, no one will realise that you are wearing one of these as it does not give you lumps or bumps - or dreaded "back fat" as it is not rigid, in fact you wouldn't even realise you are wearing it!
I could not believe how effective these products are - for something that is SO simple - it is MASSIVELY effective and even when I put it through its paces in a sitting trot, I did not experience any of the "bounce" that I usually would.. Realistically, sports bras stop the main bounce, but the upper part of the boobs would still get ample movement and bounce - but not with the Booband! As a 38EE - I myself would always be extremely conscious of riding in a shirt or a t shirt - due to this - so to now have something that just wraps around and ties very comfortably with velcro is absolutely fantastic AND it reduces back ache!

Believe me when I say that NO female equestrian should be without one of these - so benefit from a new level of confidence and performance thanks to this wonderful new fitness accessory.

PS - I would not just recommend these for horse riders, but for joggers, walkers - basically anyone who has an active lifestyle"


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