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SMUG Active

SMUG Active Pilates & Yoga Resistance Band Set

SMUG Active Pilates & Yoga Resistance Band Set

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Become stronger and more flexible with the Pilates resistance band set, complete with a mint green canvas bag. 

Increase shoulder flexibility and range of motion, strengthen upper back muscles, improve posture, and condition core muscles with our all-in-one resistance band kit. 

This versatile kit will add variety and challenge to your workout or Pilates session, with three different resistance levels.


  • Increase range of motion and strengthens muscles.

  • Three multi-level resistance bands.

  • Lightweight and portable.

  • Made from extremely durable latex.

  • Free premium canvas travel pouch.

Measurements: 120cm

Resistance Levels: Pink is Light (9kg +/-), Blue is Medium (14kg +/-), and Grey is Heavy (18kg +/-).

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