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SMUG Active

SMUG Active Looped Resistance Band Set

SMUG Active Looped Resistance Band Set

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The loop band set from SMUG includes 5 looped resistance bands of varying resistance (colour coded from light to ultra-heavy) and a black canvas bag to keep them in.  

Made from extremely durable premium quality latex, this fantastic set will allow you to work out and stretch over and over again, wherever you are - in the gym, at home, whilst at work, in a hotel, on a plane, or if you're feeling really brave, on the beach! 

There's no easier way to tone and strengthen glutes, legs, arms, and thighs with one piece of equipment. The set is perfect for any fitness training, home workout, yoga, or pilates session. 

Each set is extremely lightweight and easily transportable thanks to the canvas storage bag that's included with each set, so there's no excuse, you can squeeze in a quick workout no matter where you are or what you are doing.

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