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SMUG Active

SMUG Active Hip & Booty Resistance Band Set

SMUG Active Hip & Booty Resistance Band Set

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The Hip & Booty Resistance Bands Set from SMUG Active includes 3 looped fabric resistance bands of varying resistance, colour coded from light to heavy.

Made from a high-quality fabric that is super-soft and a lot kinder to the skin than latex, these colourful non-slip bands won't roll up, move, or pinch your skin, unlike some resistance bands.

Designed to dramatically tone and strengthen your glute, hip, leg, and thigh muscles. The set includes a series of workouts to help you get amazing results in a short space of time - use your bands for 20 minutes a day and you'll see results in 30 days.

Plus, easily transport your bands for a quick workout wherever you are in the stylish mint green canvas bag.

Resistance Levels
Green = light
Pink = medium
Purple = heavy

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