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“The Boobuddy not only made me feel more comfortable, but more confident running in public, too. I started picking up my pace and stopped fearing workouts that ended in burpees!"

Nicole Nguyen – BuzzFeed


"I have been struggling to find a sports bra that really works. I've tried all  "high impact" bras and always have to double up. A few weeks ago I was .25 miles in and my bra strap broke! It's was 5:30 am and the band was tight so I kept running.

Today, I was literally in the driveway ready to leave and my Boobuddy arrived. I put it on and ran. Oh. My. Gosh. Where have you been my entire life?!"

Patti W-M.


"I received my Boobuddy yesterday and was incredibly excited to try it out, a little sceptical about whether it would be comfortable to wear but thought I'd try anything if it means reducing the damage I'm potentially doing to my own body.

I couldn't wait any longer to try it out so I went for a run today and really loved how it reduced the bounce that I've become so used to whilst on a run, having a bigger chest means I've become extremely used to the bounce and constant wobble but after today there is no way I'm ever running without it!!! 

Absolutely love this product would recommend it to everyone.

Thank you for manufacturing a product that not only looks after our assets but will provide fuller figure girls with more confidence whilst running."

Ashlyn D. 


"Great effective band after my breast surgery"



"Great product for running. Really clever but simple idea. Easily adjustable, all women who run should be wearing this!"



"Such a simple idea but one that really works. Comfortable and easy to get on and off (unlike the many layer of sports bras and tops I normally have to wear!). Worn it for a few workouts now and it definitely reduces the bounce!"



"Great! Especially when running they keep everything nice and together. Makes running a whole lot more fun especially those long distances. It sits comfortably, and did not move even on a 10k. I can fully recommend this product for anyone that needs a little more extra support to keep everything in, as most sports bras simply don't."



"Exactly what I needed for walking and aerobics!"



"I love it when I buy something that solves a need. I have long workouts with intermittent plyo work. I don't like having to wear a heavy sports bra the entire time, especially for just a couple sets of jumping jacks. This lets me take it on and off as needed."

M. Plow


"Not often I would write a review, but this is a serious game changer for my workouts. does what it says on the tin and real pretty too! Well done Boobuddy for making a difference ... 10/10"



"Absolutely amazing product. Just completed my first full workout and I didn't need to worry about trying to stop the bounce! I no longer have to feel embarrassed whilst working out or have to limit the type of exercises I do! highly only regret is I didn't buy more! Order coming soon!! "

Sazzy M.


"Oh. My. God. This product is a game changer!!! I just received mine today and while I haven't done a full workout yet I did immediately try jumping jacks, jump rope and mountain climbers which are all extremely difficult for me to do being so large chested. I used to have to wear two sports bras which would kill my shoulders or constantly fix myself or have to modify workouts. Not anymore! Im in love with this product!" 

J. Yurosky


"I could not believe how effective these products are - for something that is SO simple - it is MASSIVELY effective and even when I put it through its paces in a sitting trot, I did not experience any of the "bounce" that I usually would.. Realistically, sports bras stop the main bounce, but the upper part of the boobs would still get ample movement and bounce - but not with the Boobuddy! As a 38EE - I myself would always be extremely conscious of riding in a shirt or a t shirt - due to this - so to now have something that just wraps around and ties very comfortably with velcro is absolutely fantastic AND it reduces back ache! Boobuddy is very very reasonably priced, with very quick dispatch, but this is one of those products that you can't put a price on they are so fabulous! :) Believe me when I say that NO female equestrian should be without one of these."

Equine Cents & Sensibility


"Im a 32H chested woman. Im an athlete and i coach softball. I got these in about 2 weeks ago and they've literally changed my life. I workout 5 days a week and I can now take my workouts to levels i couldn't before. I dont have to hold my chest down while i sprint, and i can push through burpees like never before. These are made well and i would highly recommend you get this brand, this company puts quality first."

Brianna S.


"Being heavy chested at a size 34J This is by far the best support I've ever had and would definitely recommend to anyone. Especially to anyone doing HITT workouts and any sports or exercise where jumping is involved!"

Gabrielle Tattersfield


"Works brilliantly. A real gem in the gym."

Tracey Hyndman


"Absolutely fantastic highly recommend for the larger busted ladies out there (I'm 36/38 F)."



"So about a year ago I got really big implants, and I couldn’t really see many people talking about fake boobs on here. I’m a 34E now and I run almost every day, normally about 25 miles a week, these past few months not even my best sports bra has kept them in place, resulting in my boobs always aching. I got this yesterday and I can’t believe I didn’t buy it sooner, my boobs don’t move when I run now! I love it, such a good purchase."

Dani St James

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