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Original Boobuddy™ & Skipping Rope Set – Black

Original Boobuddy™ & Skipping Rope Set – Black

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A fantastic way to burn calories combined with the ultimate way to prevent breast bounce! 

The pain and long-term damage associated with skipping is a thing of the past when used in conjunction with a Boobuddy™ breast support band.

This adjustable band has been produced using quality materials to ensure superior comfort, performance, and fit. Benefits include:

  • Dramatically reduces vertical and lateral breast movement. The ideal solution for skipping.
  • The compression provided prevents pain during and after movement-related activities, it also reduces the chance of long-term damage to the Cooper’s ligaments which can lead to breast sag.
  • Increases comfort, confidence, and performance during all sport, fitness activities, specifically high-impact ones.
  • Adjustable velcro provides an optimum fit for all breast sizes.
  • Perfect for running, gym workouts, HIIT, dance classes, yoga, horse-riding, combat sports, and much more.

Whilst it has its roots in the medical support world, the Boobuddy has been developed for modern activity and exercise. It has been designed to be worn just above the breasts to prevent movement. It can be worn with your existing sports bar, either underneath or over the top. The sports bra will provide uplift, whilst the Boobuddy provides compression from the top to prevent breast movement.

    Size guide:

    Boobuddy Adjustable Breast Support Band | Pink | Save £5!

    20.7% Polyester 37.7% Elastomer 41.6% Nylon

    Plain black

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