12 Reasons Why Working Out with Big Boobs is the Worst

12 Reasons Why Working Out with Big Boobs is the Worst

We should all love and embrace our boobs whatever their size however for us big busted ladies, this is easier said than done when it comes to working out. 

Having big boobs is both a blessing and a curse but when it comes to working out, they’re definitely a curse.

Working out is just another reason why some big-busted ladies go through moments of hating their boobs, and arguably for good reason. Some would say that it’s almost as if our big boobs weren’t made for running, CrossFit or yoga.  

During workouts our boobs become sore, they get in the way and they’re impossible to control, so it’s not surprising that nearly a 5th of all women cite their breasts as a reason for not working out.

If you have big boobs, then we bet you can relate to all 12 of these reasons why working out with big boobs is the worst.

1. Boob Sweat

Forget underarm sweat, ladies with big boobs will know the real issue with working out is the excessive under-boob sweat that appears after even the lightest workout.

We’ll leave the gym feeling damp and a little bit gross but also wondering why there hasn’t been a deodorant specifically made for sweaty boobs?!

2. The Struggle to Find a Sports Bra that Fits is Real

No matter how hard we look, trying to find a sports bra that actually holds our boobs in place is nearly impossible.

Our draw at home is filled to the brim with sports bras that just don’t make the cut but for some reason, we just keep on buying them in the hope that one day a sports bra miracle will happen.



3. Trying on a Sports Bra is a Workout in Itself

Sorry to the lady in the cubicle next door but a whole lot of jogging on the spot and stretching is happening next door…we need to make sure this is the sports bra to finally solve all of our problems. 

4. Tripling Up on Sports Bra’s is a Necessary

The lengths we’d to go to hold our gazongas in place during a workout is really something to admire.

We’re no stranger to doubling or even tripling up on sports bras to give us that extra support which can be uncomfortable to say the least, and let’s not get into how we get them all off.

5. Boob-bounce is Dangerous

Working out with big boobs means knocking yourself, or anyone else, out is always a possibility, it is therefore advised you keep a safe distance. 



6. ‘Burpees’, ‘Jumping Jacks’ and ‘Mountain Climbers’ are Our Worst Fear

Let's be honest, anything that requires jumping or facing downwards is always a risky move for us, are we going to flash a nipple, will the whole boob come free or will I emerge with a black eye?

7. The Pain is Real

The very thought of going for a run with an ill-supportive sports bra makes our boobs ache and might be the reason why we don’t go for that run.

8. Unwanted Attention is Sadly Part of Your Workout

Yes, big boobs are sexy, especially when they’re bouncing around but can I work out in peace, please?

9. You Envy Small Chested Girls

Looking around the gym you can see girls with their A cups doing a HIIT class with no problems, sprinting on the treadmill and pulling weights over their heads with ease.

There aren’t many times we wish we could swap our boobs for a smaller model but during workouts, it definitely crosses our mind.



10. Your Boobs are a Focal Point in the Changing Rooms

Women love other women’s boobs, it’s a fact and the gym changing rooms are the perfect place for everyone to catch a glimpse.

11. Suffocating During Yoga is Highly Likely

We thought yoga was meant to be relaxing? Not for us big boobed girls, the downward dog should come with a health warning and when your instructor tells you to lift your chest off the mat, you just have to laugh.

We think it’s safe to say working out with big boobs is an adventure, but as much as they get in the way and cause us to hate working out, we do love our big boobs and wouldn’t have them any other way. 

So, we might temporarily hate our boobs during workouts but we wouldn't change them for the world!


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