The Cooper's Ligaments

Breasts are actually quite complicated and need looking after. The connective tissues in the breasts are called Cooper’s ligaments. They help maintain structural integrity, but they are thin bands and are not that strong. The ligaments connect the breast tissue to the lower layer of skin of the breast. They play a role in supporting the breast in its normal position, and maintaining its normal shape. Without the internal support of this ligament, the heavy breast tissue sags, losing its shape and contour. The skin is also a major support structure for the breast. Unfortunately sagging is partly determined by our genes, age, pregnancy, smoking and weight. 
The Cooper's Ligament | Breast Anatomy | Booband

Breasts can move as much during a jog as they do during a sprint. Movement when running can result in temporary pain and discomfort. It can also lead to a more permanent stretching of the Cooper’s ligaments, and puts more strain on the surrounding skin, which may lead to irreversible breast sag. An ordinary bra can reduce bounce but not as much as a sports bra. Boobuddy/Booband, along with a supportive sports bra can help prevent the skin and ligaments from stretching. 
Running can put excessive tension on the chest muscles, and Cooper’s ligaments that help suspend the breasts. These ligaments have been found to extend or “creep” during a short run. This uncontrolled movement puts great strain on the surrounding tissues and ligaments. The skin is also an important support mechanism, and thinning and decreased elasticity of the skin is an important factor in sagging with age. 

Boobuddy/Booband helps prevent excessive movement, and therefore supports breast health – especially as breast size increases. It does so by adding more compression to the top of the breasts. Boobuddy/Booband can be used in addition to a well-fitted sports bra to add a support, not all sports bras will completely prevent bounce. Remember, it’s much better to do everything you can to stay healthy to prevent sagging because it’s sadly irreversible.