You Won’t Believe These 5 Ways You Can Wear a Boobuddy

You Won’t Believe These 5 Ways You Can Wear a Boobuddy

The Boobuddy Breast Support Band is changing the breast support game for women around the world. Although their cultivated design has been highly hailed for its ability to protect the bosom from excessive vertical and lateral movement during exercise, the brilliance of the band doesn’t stop there. In fact, the safe support that the band provides can be enjoyed across a range of activities and uses.

We really see this question a lot from our customers, who often ask about when the Boobuddy should and shouldn’t be worn. As is the case with personal preference, nothing is ever set in stone. You can wear the Boobuddy on its own, or over a bra or sports bra. The choice is really yours to make.

Maybe one day you want just a bit of added comfort, and maybe the next day you’re looking for maximum support so you decide to wear a sports bra underneath; absolutely always do what’s best and most comfortable for you. But the Boobuddy isn’t a one trick pony. The band can bring reassurance to a spectrum of everyday activities, and oh are you in for a surprise! So strap in ladies, as Boobuddy has a trick or two up its metaphorical sleeve:

1. After Surgery

Any form of breast surgery is a very intensive experience, both mentally and physically. You’ll need a good amount of time to recover, and all the best support you can get your hands on. The breasts are supported by what are known as Cooper’s Ligaments.

In the post-op phase after surgery, these ligaments will be highly strained, whilst the surrounding tissue will likely be quite swollen and tender. It’ll naturally be within your best interest to reduce the lateral movement of the breasts as much as possible during this recovery stage. And this is exactly how the Boobuddy support band works its wonders. Its design not only holds the breasts in place, but the way it wraps around the back will keep the breasts safe and sound; exactly where they need to be.

2. Day-To-Day

The daily schedule always puts the female assets through their paces. Often even the simplest task with garner the greatest amount of movement, and over time, will place a tremendous amount of strain on the breasts; resulting in the likes of stretch marks, soreness, and even permanent damage! Everyone’s schedules will be different, but the need for support is shared by all.

What makes the Boobuddy really great for day-to-day breast support is its accessibility. This was an element that we were super conscious of when around the design table. We threaded the band with non-irritant threads of polyester, elastomer, nylon, and a dash of love, to ensure that it was comfortable to wear over the long term if needed.

The band is also really easy to adjust, and offers a noticeable level of compression without being noticeable itself.

3. After Breast Enlargement

This one’s a little different to our aforementioned benefits of wearing a Boobuddy in the general post-op phase. Breast enlargement - or breast augmentation as it’s known in the industry - is in a completely different league of its own when it comes to physical recovery and post-op breast support.

In the immediate hours and days after the procedure, follow your surgeon’s advice. And in the following weeks after the procedure, it’s an absolute must to avoid any type of bra that includes a wire or wire frame; these can irritate incisions, and in some cases, stop them from healing correctly.

Typically, you’ll need to wait around eight weeks before you can wear any type of underwire bra again, but during that time, wearing a compression band, such as the Boobuddy, is highly recommended.

Wearing one over the eight week period will drastically reduce any unwanted vertical or lateral movement that may result in the prolonging of your recovery. It’s simple to adjust the fitting of the band, and beyond this, the band itself is available in three different sizes; and not to mention a rainbow of colours too!

4. During Breastfeeding

The time to make changes to your type of breast support during pregnancy comes differently to all women. As the bump grows, the breasts begin to grow too. And whilst some mothers-to-be see this happening around the seven week mark, others won’t see any changes until the third trimester; everyone is different. Whether you’re a new mum, or expecting, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is breast support. If you’re breastfeeding your newborn, there are lots of things to know about supporting your breasts.

Similar to surgery, wireless, compression bands are the best way to go in terms of support. It’s really important for the support not to be too restricting, or tight, as this has the potential to cause issues with milk flow.

This is why wearing an adjustable support band is essential, especially as the breasts develop with progesterone over the course of your pregnancy. When the breasts begin to change during this phase, it can take the body, and especially the spine, time to adjust.

This transition will influence many areas of daily life, including your sleep, which is why it’s also advised to wear breast support during the night. The high level of comfort provided by a support band offers both peace of mind, and peaceful sleep during the night; which leads us nicely onto our next point…

5. During The Night

If your sleep is often disturbed by the weight and movement of rogue female assets, you’ll be very pleased to know that sleep bras come as a very popular solution to this issue. Due to the high amount of tossing and turning during the night, wearing a bra with any kind of wire frame or wire fitting is best avoided, and instead you should reach for something more comfortable and reassuring; like a Boobuddy Breast Support Band.

The way the band is designed to sit above the breasts and around the back ensures that they’re kept safe and sound during the all-important hours of rest, without the band itself being too noticeable to wear. The fabric of the band itself allows for the skin to breathe, which is especially useful when it comes to expelling heat during the night.

The band works by keeping the breasts together, and opens up a whole new world of sleeping positions for you to dream the night away in. With a Boobuddy holding you tight, never again shall your slumber be broken by your bosom. The main takeaway from this is that there’s never, ever a bad time to support your breasts; however these we mentioned above just happen to be the most common uses for the band outside immediate physical activity.

The Boobuddy technology works on a completely different level to a standard sports bra, and instead of just supporting the lower weight of the breasts, offers an additional level of comfortable compression to the area above the breasts that is most prone to experience excessive lateral movement. So whenever the feeling of slight strain begins to set in, think ‘Boobuddy’, and you’ll never go far wrong with your breast support.

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