Give Your Breasts The Support They Deserve

Give Your Breasts The Support They Deserve

For many of us, our breasts are our most important asset. But however much we love them, unfortunately, our breasts don’t always love us back; especially during times of great physical activity!

And of course, if your breasts aren’t properly supported throughout the right times, they can serve some major blows to your physical wellbeing.

Today, we’re sharing 5 reasons why you absolutely must make a Boobuddy Breast Support Band a staple of your workout get-up:

Keeping them Close

The key difference between a sports bra and a Boobuddy Band is that whilst a bra provides breast support, a band prevents bounce and reduces movement.

Yes, they can be worn together, but a Boobuddy offers far more in the way of valuable lateral and vertical support, and will help enormously in keeping things together.

Ultimate Convenience

As a quick hark back to our first point, a Boobuddy band can absolutely be worn on its own, and is extremely efficient as a singular piece of support.

Because of this, and thanks to their easy-to-fit nature, they’re the perfect piece to have to hand when you’re feeling in need of a bit of extra support; exercising or otherwise!

Save the Sag

We’re sure it’s no secret that breasts are heavy. A pair of size D’s can weigh as much as 23 pounds! If not properly supported during strenuous movement, this weight can reap horrendous long-term havoc on your body, including stretch marks, sagging, back pain; and in some cases, tissue damage!

Nobody needs that, which is why it’s always in your best interest to support them in every way you can. But don’t worry, that’s where Boobuddy has you covered!

A Workout Dream

Breasts are one of the more notable features of a female physique, but we mustn’t let our femininity hold us back. Using the right support will elevate your fitness routine to new heights.

Not only will you feel more comfortable during your workout, whatever that might entail, but you’re also more likely to garner more meaningful results at the end of every session. Let’s not work against our assets, but rather, work with them!

Moisture? No Thank You

Although you might think that they were woven by the hand of God, the Boobuddy actually only consists of three simple fibres - Polyester, Elastomer and Nylon.

It’s this clever combination of fabrics that will whisk away the unwanted body heat that’s emitted during exercise, keeping you cool, calm and collected; even during the most physical of exercises.

And just as an added bonus, this holy trinity of manufacturing will ensure that your band won’t lose its shape or support throughout repetitive use. Now that’s a product worth investing in!

Ladies, we hope you never go another day without the support your breasts deserve! And if these benefits sound too good to be true, you won’t believe your eyes when you head over to our shop; unbeatable support and superior quality is only ever a click away! 

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