How To Keep Your Breasts Cool and Comfortable This Summer

How To Keep Your Breasts Cool and Comfortable This Summer

What a wonderful time to workout! The sun is shining, the days are looking brighter, and whether you’re working towards your ‘hot girl summer’ or just trying to make the most of the great outdoors, there are one hundred and one reasons to enjoy some outdoor training this summer.

There are lots of great benefits to working out outdoors. Fresh air, direct sunlight, plenty of space, and of course the chance to meet like-minded people who are also working towards a similar goal as your own.

But unfortunately, with all this extra vitamin D comes some dreaded downsides, especially so for women of all shapes and sizes, namely being the heat. Not that we’d vote for colder weather, but there’s no denying that as women, there are some extra added challenges to overcome when the heat of the summer arrives at your workout; even if you’re working out indoors.

Sweating is the body’s way of keeping cool. And it’s not just the underarms or thighs that are prone to sweating, the more private areas of the body, like the buttocks, crotch and breasts, are also significant hotspots for sweat.

And it’s not uncommon to find yourself sweating more in these regions. In fact, almost every woman will experience excess heat in the chest region at some point in the day; it’s not just limited to exercise and is an especially common experience for women with larger breasts. But why would we mention this?

The many folds and contours of skin in this area of the body have a habit of retaining heat and moisture for long periods of time. This can cause some major skin problems in the long term, because trapped moister generates both bacterial and fungal infections, which in turn can cause things like irritation, soreness and rashes.

It’s usually through sweat that things like yeast infections fester and thrive, which form in the folds of skin under the breast tissue. If left unchecked or untreated, yeast infections can actually cause the skin to fracture, crack and bleed.

If you’re naturally very in touch with your physical side, or find yourself training frequently throughout the week, these sorts of problems can really hinder your mobility and freedom, and even challenge important aspects of your general health.

Issues like these are important to know about and to check in on, because we really wouldn’t want anything to hinder your exercise gains for this summer; or any part of your summer for that matter.

So although it’s absolutely normal and healthy to sweat whilst exercising in the heat, it’s good practice, and even better hygiene, to know how best to manage the effects of the body’s natural cooling system.

Breathable Breast Support

Breast support is an around-the-clock approach, and the reasons to wear support vary throughout the day. Whether you choose to wear it little or often, you’ll want to make sure that your support is working for you. Bras with too many straps and clasps can feel constricting in the humidity of the summer, and a high level of adjustability will come as a major benefit.

This is something that we considered strongly when designing the Boobuddy Breast Support Band. Although the band’s capable of delivering next-generation compression technology to support the breasts at any time of day, we were really conscious of how it would feel to wear in the summer; especially so if the body’s doing a lot of movement and sweating a lot.

The back of the Boobuddy has also been designed to be fully adjustable, and a velcro clasp ensures that the band is able to remain a highly versatile, agile and refreshing form of breast support. What’s more, we’ve recently revamped many of our colour schemes just in time for the summer sunshine, and have released some really exciting bundles with our esteemed partner SMUG.

Baby Powder

Baby powder, also sometimes called ‘talc’, is one of those wonder resources that always seems to come in handy in one way or another. When it comes to managing sweat, because it’s ideal for looking after sensitive areas, baby powder is the perfect solution for keeping the breasts dry and free from the build-up of sweat.

Next time you put on your Boobuddy, try sprinkling the breasts and surrounding areas with a little dash of baby powder. This is especially good because it’ll greatly reduce your risk of developing intertrigo, a form of dermatitis that can cause rashes to break out on the underside of the breasts and in other skin folds that collect sweat.

Baby powder is definitely something we’d recommend for managing sweat across a range of exercises, activities and scenarios, and it can help to keep the likes of bacterial infections at bay.

(Sustainable) Wet Wipes

Nothing beats the feeling of freshness, especially when it’s against the heat of the summer and you’re enduring a super long workout. Because there’s a lot of sensitive skin around the breasts, using rougher materials like cotton bath towels to freshen up isn’t as comfortable or kind to the breasts as it should be.

Just like baby powder, wet wipes are made to be skin-friendly and can sweep away sweat in an instant. However, generic versions aren’t as planet-friendly as they are to the skin, and plumbers are kept very busy removing them from pipes and drains.

But fear not, because there is a whole range of eco-friendly alternatives that’ll do a wonderful job at managing the sweat around the breasts. Some of the most innovative and effective solutions have come from some of the most unsuspecting materials, with wipes made from bamboo being our absolute first point of call.

Clean is Cool

Although an adjustable and versatile support band like the Boobuddy will do a brilliant job at supporting the breasts whilst its design keeps them cool and comfortable, its biggest downfall, like many close-contact support systems, comes when it forgets to be cleaned.

Bacteria and fungi love to linger in even the most breathable material micro fibres that sit side-by-side with sweat, and can pass on to the finer areas of skin around the breasts if they come into repetitive impact.

Although the Boobuddy has become well-recognised for its ability to redirect sweat away from the breast area, we’d still recommend that it gets a good clean at least once to twice a week; more depending on how often you wear it.

To find out more about how to clean your Boobuddy, please visit our how-to blog here.

With these pro-tips to hand, no more will your summer be drenched and dissipated by wayward perspiration. You can’t control when you sweat, but there are many options available to you that can help manage it, leaving you to live your best life this summer!

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