How To Support the Breasts Throughout Pregnancy

How To Support the Breasts Throughout Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience, and having a small being growing inside of you naturally causes the body to change and develop in lots of different ways.

Aside from the growing bump, expectant mothers-to-be will notice a whole host of different shifts happening within the body. The feet and hips both grow, but no change is quite as big as the change seen in the boobs.

Experience shows how the boobs can grow by up to two cup sizes during pregnancy, which will require a major shift in the techniques used to support them; especially where exercise is involved.

There’s a common misconception that pregnant women must refrain from exercise entirely whilst they’re carrying, and although there are some activities that are best avoided for certain reasons, regular amounts of light exercise will do a pregnant lady a world of good. 

Balancing everyday fitness with the process of pregnancy is a long affair, continuing into well after your baby is fully born. The support the breasts require throughout this time will evolve through two different stages of development.

The first includes the first nine months of your pregnancy, which is followed by a second period when your body is adjusting to nursing your newborn; during which the changes intensify. 

Why Do the Breasts Grow During Pregnancy?

If you’ve received the wonderful news that you’re expecting, your body will already be very busy at work, preparing itself to be the perfect home for your newborn for the next nine months, and it sets out to do an important job really well. 

One of the areas where the change will be most noticeable will be your breasts. And even if you had a big bust before you were pregnant, they’re only bound to get bigger!

This growth is due to surges in the body of the oestrogen hormone. Produced by both the ovaries and the placenta, oestrogen is what the body uses to build new blood vessels and nutrients corridors within the uterus. 

It’s this hormone that’s primarily responsible for breast growth, because it stimulates the development of new breast duct cells, which then, in turn, triggers the production of another hormone called prolactin. Prolactin causes the growth of milk-producing cells and the further enlargement of the breasts. 

What’s funny is that these changes could actually be one of the first indicators that you’re pregnant, as they begin to show as early as three to four weeks in. This might also come with increased sensitivity, soreness and tenderness, the darkening of the areola and the growth of the nipples. 

As these changes are continuous, it’s important to consider how your current breast support systems are working to accommodate the shift. Not only will there be continuous growth, but the increased soreness and weight could lead to a strain on other supporting elements like your spine and skin. 

Back problems and stretch marks are things that a lot of pregnant women will experience, and although the breasts usually return back to their pre-pregnancy size once your child is born, a lot of these issues won’t go away on their own, and the miraculous act of childbirth is extremely taxing in the long term. 

This is why it’s important that a lot of these changing elements of the body like the breasts, receive as much support as possible during each phase of the process. And there are a lot of things to think about when considering how to support the breasts during this time:


Any support system that sports a seamless design will go a long way to supporting your breasts.

The coming together of seams on more traditional bra designs can irritate the already sensitive skin and nipple areas, which could generate a whole load of different problems on the surface when combined with the friction of fitness.

Try to find a solution that utilises only one or two pieces of fabric in its construction to resolve the irritation caused by its seamless counterparts.


You’ll already be sweating enough when it comes to being pregnant, let alone when you’re pregnant and exercising.

Looking for a solution that’s breathable and provides the right level of support can be difficult, and its likely that your decision will boil down to the bare threads used to make the item.

It’s also key to consider the times you think you’ll wear breast support outside of exercise, and how the coolness the item provides could lend to its long term comfort.


Breast support and wire frames aren’t the best combination when it comes to physical activity. Although they can do a great job at supporting the breasts in other models, it’s simply not a safe choice to make.

If the wire was to become loose or dislodged from the bra, it has the potential to cause a very serious injury, and does nothing in the way to provide long-term support to breasts that are constantly changing shape and size throughout pregnancy.


This idea of physical change reminds us that the solution we turn to needs to be adaptable and adjustable, otherwise you’re going to need a lot of different sized bras at your fingertips to suit your changing needs.

This is probably the biggest obstacle to satisfy in the design of a support system, but the comfort and convenience found in a highly-adjustable style of support will be your biggest help to exercising effectively whilst pregnant. 

The bottom line is that you’ll be looking for a comfortable solution that’ll provide the right level of support over the long term.

Does Physical Activity Need To Be Limited When You’re Pregnant?

Although it’s natural to want to take care when you’re pregnant, this shouldn’t mean that you’re not allowed to exercise.

Of course, there are certain exercises that aren’t recommended for pregnant women, such as heavy weight lifting and horse riding, and you should stop immediately if you ever feel that something’s not quite right, but apart from that, small amounts of regular exercise will work wonders for rebalancing the hormones of the body, and will help your physical recovery during the postpartum stage. 

Engaging in exercise can actually help to remedy some of the issues that arise throughout a pregnancy, like back pain, low energy levels, circulation, stress levels and anxiety. What’s more, exercise can lower the risk of complications during delivery, and the speed of recuperation after labour. 

Doing simple cardio exercises like jogging, swimming, and cycling, partnered with muscle strengthening exercises like Pilates and yoga will help take your physical fitness a long way whilst you’re pregnant, and you can follow along to some of our most effective routines here.

What’s the Solution To Supporting the Breasts During Pregnancy?

There are a thousand and one different support systems out there that all do different things. Some excel at uplift, but fall when it comes to meeting pregnancy specifics. Some, on the other hand, are great for supporting pregnancy breasts throughout the day, but not so great when it comes to getting physical.

These pros and cons were something that we considered extensively through the design of one of the world’s most renowned breast support systems: the Boobuddy

This mighty support band features a high level of adjustability, durability and comfort; utilising next-generation compression technology to apply a workable, breathable level of compression to your bust.

Although they’re available in three different sizes, the Boobuddy benefits from a completely fitted clasp, which allows the wearer to tailor the amount of compression and support they receive from the band to suit their own personal preferences. 

The Boobuddy has proven to be an extremely popular support system for women all over the world. You can feel its benefits when you’re breaking a sweat, when you’re out and about in the house, and now even when you’re looking for next-level support whilst you’re pregnant.

To learn more about how the Boobuddy can help you on your journey to becoming a mother, discover our story here

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