International Women’s Day 2022 Ultimate Workout Guide

International Women’s Day 2022 Ultimate Workout Guide

First we’d like to welcome all the ladies who have found their way to this blog, we wish you all a very happy International Women’s Day! 

As you can imagine, we adore women of all shapes and sizes, you inspire us and our designs every single day. Being a brand that’s dedicated to supporting women and all of their wonderful assets, today is a very significant day for us, and International Women’s Day is a date in our calendar that rarely, if ever, catches us by surprise.

Our Boobuddy Breast Support Band has had yet another phenomenal year, for which we are beyond thankful. A year where we helped women all over the world gain access to the support their breasts truly deserve, and we’re so excited for all the things we have coming to our fans in 2022.

So, what better way to ring in this global celebration of powerful women than to feel good, feel strong, and most importantly, feel supported.

Today, we’re going to be journeying through some of our favourite exercises. And not just any old movement, no! Here, we’re going to take you through some of our go-to exercises that are actually made more effective by the mighty combination of the right breast support and an unstoppable woman.

This, we hope, will convey clear as day, that with the right support in place, women really can do anything. 

So roll out your exercise mats, wrap yourself in Boobuddy love, and get ready to break a sweat:

Wide to Narrow Push Up

Push-ups are a staple of any good exercise routine, but they’re not particularly boob-friendly. The face-down position leaves the breast to dangle painfully, and the sheer weight of the breasts can be more than enough to add excess strain to the movement.

This is a prime example of where the Boobuddy works perfectly. Being able to keep the breasts close to the body allows for push-ups to become much more accessible for women. And this particular variation that we’ve chosen, called ‘Wide to Narrow Push Ups’, is actually a great way to reduce the sagging of the breasts.

Here’s how to do them:

  1. Start by fastening your Boobuddy and assuming the familiar push-up position.
  2. With your arms fully extended, widen the space between your hands, so that they’re wider than shoulder-width (wide-grip)
  3. From this, and whilst keeping your core engaged, bend your elbows and perform a press-up, lowering your chest down until it almost touches the floor.
  4. Push your body back up to that starting position. This time, bring your hands closer together, closer than shoulder-width (close-grip).
  5. Perform another press up in exactly the same way, keeping that core tight and without fully touching the ground.
  6. Continue to alternate between wide-grip and close-grip press-ups for 12 repetitions, across three sets.

This movement is really great for toning the breasts, and isn’t super uncomfortable to do thanks to the support of the Boobuddy. And if you want to make this exercise a little more challenging and a lot more rewarding, why not try wrapping a resistance band around your biceps.


Excessive vertical movements are the absolute worst for the breasts, and the experience can actually be pretty damaging. No where is this more apparent than in skipping. Although it’s one of the happiest movements on Earth, it’ll be anything but if your breasts aren’t properly supported.

When wearing a Boobuddy, you’ll quickly realise how your movements and ambitions aren’t being limited by the weight of your breasts anymore, and you’ll find that you’ll be able to exercise more intensely, and for longer too. 

This alternative skipping routine takes a little practice to get used to, but it’s really good at building up those pectoral muscles, and making the breasts look perkier too.

Here’s how to criss-cross:

  1. Begin with your skipping rope in hand and your body standing tall.
  2. This movement consists of two alternating variations. The first is essentially a basic skipping movement, where you bring the rope over your head and under your feet.
  3. The second movement is a little more difficult to master, and involves you crossing over your forearms whilst holding the skipping rope, whilst simultaneously jumping over said rope.
  4. It’s these two movements alone that you’ll need to try and alternate between. It isn’t the easiest of movements, but once mastered, the benefits really do pay off for your breasts.
  5. To make things easier, feel free to practice the criss-cross of the arms and the rope without actually jumping. Try this out a few times, and when you feel comfortable and ready, start incorporating a jump between each alternation.

The criss-cross is a bit like a language. When you’ve got it, something clicks, and you’ll soon find it to be an effortless motion, and thanks to the compression of the Boobuddy, one that’s much kinder on your breasts.


Although yoga might not be the first thing you think of when considering breast-friendly exercises, it’s actually one practice where your breasts will really benefit from a layer of added support. 

Yoga is all about balance and control, something that’ll be difficult to direct if you’re sporting a larger bust. Many of yoga’s techniques centre the body from the core, yet if you’re ‘top-heavy’, your movements can be increasingly difficult to control.

Bhujangasana, also known as the ‘Cobra Pose’, is the perfect example of this. The technique requires a lot of upper body control, something that the Boobuddy is very capable of enhancing. In addition to this, regular practice of this technique can actually make the breasts perkier and less saggy, and it can strengthen the pectoral muscles and the spine.

Here’s everything you need to know about Bhujangasana:

  1. Lying face down on your yoga mat, bring your chin to the mat, and place the palms of your hands under your shoulders.
  2. Inhaling gently, push through your palms to raise your upper body slowly up off of the mat, whilst your hips and legs remain on the floor.
  3. Push until your arms are fully extended, holding this pose for three seconds.
  4. You should feel a great stretch extending through your spine, whirling from the top of your neck right down to the base of your pelvis.
  5. Slowly and in a controlled movement, bring your upper body back down to meet the mat, exhaling as you do so.
  6. With your chin touching the mat again, rest your arms by your sides and focus on your breathing. Bhujangasana should be completed in a very controlled, slow and smooth cycle, and you definitely don’t want any explosive or sudden movements.

That’s it! Although Bhujangasana may appear at first to be a very simple movement, the practice will be training entire swathes of your muscles, and is particularly recommended for ladies who suffer from back pain.

The Best Support

The bottom line we’d like to highlight here is that there is absolutely no reason as to why the breasts should continue to compromise your exercises or your health.

Many might be put off by indulging in a certain style of exercise due to the strain it places on the breasts. But when you’re wrapped in the love and support of the Boobuddy, anything is possible!

To discover more on Boobuddy’s advocation of International Women’s Day, and why this marvellous band works so well at giving women the support they need, when they need it, fly on over to our new collection here.

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