Should Women With Large Breast Only Stick To Doing Low Impact Sports?

Should Women With Large Breast Only Stick To Doing Low Impact Sports?

When choosing a form of exercise, for the general public, there’s very little in terms of physical restriction. Of course, this is a very broadly spoken statement, and naturally, we’d love to think that everyone and anyone could achieve anything they’d like to.

But for too many women around the world, the very thought of engaging in a high contact sport fills them with thoughts of dread and doubt. And this isn’t limited to thoughts of activities such as rugby, martial arts and more immediately physical exercises.

We answer a lot of questions from ladies who also struggle with partaking in solo sports, with things like weight lifting, running and general cardio, because of their larger breasts. The unwanted physical strain of even the most controlled movements has prevented too many from achieving their full physical potential.

So to answer the question posed in the title more closely - “should women with large breasts only stick to doing low impact sports?” - absolutely not, but the fact of the matter is that too many women are.

A lot of the problem with this begins with the saturated market of more traditional breast support styles. A quick search on the world wide web will churn out solution after solution, but quite commonly, these styles just aren’t capable of supporting bigger busts during the times when it’s most needed.

From what we’ve tried and tested ourselves, we strongly feel that a large proportion of the more generic brands just aren’t designing with the bigger picture in mind. Anything that’s supported by a wire frame should naturally be a no-go for sports, and yet us larger ladies still struggle to source a suitable alternative. It’s not so much about the support against the gravitational pull downwards as it is about the uncontrollable move upwards; the pulling and pain strikes from all angles.

And we’re not here to throw mud at anyone specifically, but we feel from our experience that a lot of brands miss this trick in their product. Adjustability, comfort, and all-round control.

But why should this matter? This matters because a breast injury that’s come about from lack of support can be hugely damaging, debilitating, and even life changing. And what’s worse is that the most common type of these kinds of injury occur over a long term basis through an unjust lack of support. The breasts, no matter how big or how small, are supported by what are known as Cooper’s Ligaments. And it’s these all-important ligaments that take the brunt of the impact to your breasts. And over time, it will begin to show.

What’s even more troubling is the lack of awareness around sports-related breast injuries. Excessive lateral and vertical movements can result in the likes of breast contusions (bruises), breast pain, and tenderness, and although they should heal naturally over three to six weeks, when we’re looking at the more extreme end of injury, the likes of tears in the pectoralis major muscles and the development of fat necrosis lumps fill us with true dread.

What’s more, this female-only problem can be majorly debilitating. Whether you’re the kind of girl that takes a run around the neighbourhood once a fortnight, or you’re a gold medal-winning Olympian, the last thing you’ll want on your mind is a serious injury that’ll take you out of the game for a couple of months. It’s not good enough. it’s never been good enough, and women around the world deserve so much better.

Which is exactly why we put pen to paper, and needle to thread to put together our Boobuddy Breast Support Band.

The Boobuddy is anything but your regular run-of-the-mill sports bra. When we were recording the exact movement of the breasts during basic exercises like running and cardio, we saw that they were actually moving in a figure of eight pattern, and that the direction of the majority of the movement was equal around all sides of the breasts.

We wanted to design a piece that sat differently, and took a different approach to supporting bigger breasts, whilst incorporating all the most practical elements that we know and love about the best kind of breast support. So what makes the Boobuddy unique?

1. It Sits Above the Breasts, Not Around Them

The Boobuddy provides a workable level of compression to the central area of the bust, but wraps around the front, rather than underneath. This way breasts, and especially bigger sizes, are kept close and in to the chest. Any of the side-to-side movement is eliminated and the vertical and lateral movement of high- energy exercise is brought back under control.

2. Keeping Cool

The Boobuddy is woven with four crucial threads; polyester, elastomer, and nylon. The fourth thread, of course, is love. These all work together to not only help the band retain its shape and elasticity, but to also expel the heat that comes with breaking a sweat. It’s important to us and to our customers that the band isn’t uncomfortable to wear, so we wanted the irritability of the fabric to be cut to a minimum.

3. Adjustability

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone should have access to something that’s right for them. The Boobuddy comes in three different sizes, ranging between 90cm and 130cm. These are just the general lengths, because the band is fastened together by its velcro back, meaning that it can be adjusted to exactly the right level of compression for you. On top of this, the band is extremely easy to fit.

Having big boobs shouldn’t restrict your exercise or energy for life. The key is in compression, and you should enjoy all the best resources available to you to support your breasts. With this being said, we often get asked the question - “can the Boobuddy be worn with a regular sports bra?” - and the answer is absolutely yes.

The Boobuddy can be worn both with and without a sports bra. Whilst a bra alone will reduce the gravitational pull, the Boobuddy reduces the lateral movement, to which bigger breasts are typically prone. You should do you, and whatever comes naturally and comfortably should be embraced. In this way, the world is your oyster, and you’re free to enjoy a whole variety of high-impact sports and leisure activities. Some of our favourites include:

  1. Horse Riding - We think we’re all agreed that being atop a leaping and bounding horse comes with its fair share of lateral movement for your breasts. Breast injury is all too common in the equestrian world, and we’re here to reduce that experience and make sure that the horse is the only one doing the jumping.
  2. Running - For such a simple activity, running isn’t that easy on the breasts, and especially the bigger sizes. That’s why support is everything here, and the Boobuddy would love to join you. So whatever your route, we’re here to make sure you don’t run into breast support problems.
  3. Dancing - Never again will your dancing routine or creativity be limited by limited breast support. We’ve seen many forms of dancing really take off in the world of sport and exercise within the last decade, and it’s surprisingly high impact. It’s an example of when the breasts really experience a lot of motion, hence why they need equal amounts of compression and support.

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