Should You Sleep With Breast Support?

Should You Sleep With Breast Support?

Unfortunately, there are many things that can easily disturb the sleep cycle, but equally, there are as many ways to remedy the riot and rediscover rest. Sleep masks, pillow sprays, and even a variety of worldly techniques, all come as brilliant solutions to this nightmare of a problem.

Through enhanced design and comprehensive research, people like us are able to promote sleep and the benefits of a good night’s rest to everyone who seeks to find them.

And although silent serenity and quiet calm should be the sole sensation of your nightly routine, many women around the world worry each and every time they go to bed about whether they’re sleeping with the right level of breast support.

Of course, supporting the bust is an around-the-clock job. We’re sure that many of you will be very familiar with support systems like bras and bralettes, however, it’s not as common or as comfortable to wear such undergarments under the sheets.

Full cup bras and padded bras are frequently supported by a rigid metal underwire, which offers a good level of support to wear throughout the day, and especially if you have larger assets, but they should be the very last guest you invite to your snoozefest.

And although they can look pretty, and do a good job of supporting the band, bra straps have a habit of turning into strangle straps when you’re lying down. And that’s a very big part of the problem in general. Traditional bra support systems are amazing when you’re standing up, but not so much when you’re trying to sleep.

Elements like these remain largely unconsidered in the design of more traditional bras, but then again, bras such as these weren’t intentionally designed to be worn during the nighttime.

Despite this, a really big issue still remains unheard: women need breast support when they sleep.

Why Do the Breasts Need Supporting During the Night?

Regardless of whether you’re a tosser and turner, or an out-stone-cold sleeper, your breasts will be experiencing a whole lot of rollercoaster movement when you sleep.

If sleeping on your side, the weight of both breasts together adds tension to the upper side of the breast tissue, and when sleeping on your back, the breasts try to part ways by sliding down either side of your chest. If you’re sleeping on your front, the situation can be as equally as precarious for your spine.

The Cooper’s ligaments, also known as suspensory ligaments, support the weight of the breast tissue, but their job is far from over when the lights go out.

The force of the movements we unintentionally make when we sleep, combined with the discouraging positions we sleep in, cause the Cooper’s ligaments to strain and stress, and ultimately stretch.

As you may have experienced yourself, this can be a very painful and uncomfortable feeling; one that is bound to disturb the sleep in its wake.

It’s this pain and strain that causes the breasts to sag. But don’t worry, ligaments all over the body begin to show their age with time, and it’s natural for this to happen to the bust. However, providing your breasts with the right support at the right time can help slow this process greatly.

And breast support systems that are nighttime-friendly will go a really long way, because not only do they prevent the bosom from sagging and straining, but they also gift you with undisturbed silent sleep - it’s a two birds one stone kind of deal!

What Kind of Breast Support Should Be Worn To Sleep?

With this much bra-related jargon flying about, and endless lists of do’s and don’ts to abide by, it can be difficult to know exactly which system you should be investing your time and money towards.

Amongst all the madness and difficult decisions, here are some handy pointers to help you answer the tricky question ‘which bra should I sleep in?”:

1. Soft

There’s absolutely no doubt that you should be as comfortable during your sleep as
possible, and anything smooth and soft works wonders in this department. With things like satin pillowcases that will treat your skin and hair to a sensation of softness, so too will sensationally smooth breast support.

2. No Wires

As we mentioned a little bit before, sleeping with an underwire bra isn’t the best
idea. Not only does it have the potential to cause a very nasty injury, but its restrictive feel can easily interrupt the sleep; causing yet another string of nightmarish issues.

The perfect nighttime support bra will be free of such wires and restrictions; and won’t cause any potential risk to your health or to your sleep.

3. Good Fit

Wearing breast support when you sleep has to allow the delicate processes inside
the body to do what they have to do. In this way, the support should be both not too tight and not too loose. You don’t want to cut off the circulation in any way, and equally, you want it to be tight enough so that you feel supported.

Hence why support systems with a high level of adjustability are so sought after for the job.

4. Works With Heat

The body expels a lot of heat throughout the night, doubled with the fact
that you’re wrapped in a nice warm duvet. If you are considering nighttime breast support, you’re probably also wondering about how best to manage this issue.

Support bras that are made with a trio of breathable threads that manage heat effectively, whilst also having as little contact with the skin as possible, are the ones to look out for here.

5. Strap-free

We’re back to warn you about strangle straps! Although straps do a marvellous
job at supporting the band and the breasts against the everyday gravitational pull, you’ll find them to be not so marvellous when they’re digging into your shoulders and neck when you’re asleep.

Now that’s no way to go, which is why strapless systems offer the best and most comfortable solution.

Where Can I Find the Perfect Breast Support For My Breasts When I Sleep?

Having mentioned all of the above points, it’d be just cruel for us not to mention a good recommendation. If you look around at the options available on the market, you’ll see that a lot of support systems act as substitutes for the correct solution; usually because they were designed for a specific occasion that doesn’t include sleeping.

What we personally look out for is a type of breast support that offers everything and nothing; something that serves the breasts, whilst not having its uses being limited by an equally limited design.

So, with this in mind, what we’d really recommend is this adjustable support band. Unlike of its traditional counterparts, the Boobuddy utilises advanced compression technology, keeping the breasts comfortably into the chest whilst greatly reducing the experience of vertical and lateral movement.

The band is completely strapless, and fully adjustable too, so that you can customise the fit right down to your exact needs.

The Boobuddy offers an unrestrictive yet reassuring level of breast support that is entirely wire-free, making it a very safe option to wear whilst asleep. And because we understand that frequently worn materials often have a habit of collecting dirt and sweat, the Boobuddy is extremely easy to clean too!

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