The Wonderful Benefits of Skipping Will Have You Jumping For Joy

The Wonderful Benefits of Skipping Will Have You Jumping For Joy

If you’re too young to remember the days of 7th-century China, you probably won’t be familiar with the “The Hundred Rope” jumping game. Traditionally played as part of their New Year, this simple celebratory game coincidentally became the founding father of modern day skipping. But whilst they were enjoying the party, did the citizens of ancient China have any idea of the marvellous benefits their bodies were incurring?

Probably not, which is exactly why fitness-fanatics Boobuddy are here to share the good news! After all, humanity deserves to be aware of the fantastic rewards such a simple and enjoyable activity can garner.

  1. Professional who? - One of our favourite skipping facts is that you don’t need to be a former Olympic World Champion to feel the burn. Anyone can pick up a rope and throw their body into a full cardio workout; utilising the legs, arms, abdominal muscles, the works! In fact, skipping for 10 minutes is the equivalent of running a mile in 8 minutes!

  2. Healthy for the heart - Skipping is just what your cardiovascular framework needs to pump fresh, oxygen- rich blood to every corner of the body. Enhancing this circulation will improve your heart’s performance in the long term; building stamina, and improving your overall performance across other activities too.

  3. Watch your tone - Whether you’re looking to slim down or tone up, a skipping rope should be your first point of call. As well as putting your every muscle through a full workout, you’ll be glad to hear that an hour of skipping alone burns around 1600 calories! The jumping action will also serve less jolt to your frame than other fat-burning exercises, such as running, so you’re much less likely to incur an injury one your return to Earth.

  4. Skipping glow - Ever noticed how fresh your skin looks post-workout? It’s because your increased circulation is literally flushing the toxins away from your skin. Any form of exercise will be your skin’s best friend, but the simplicity and accessibility of the skipping rope means that you won’t have to go too far, or for too long, for your skin to experience the benefits.

  5. Jump start - Of course, basic skipping is truly wonderful, but as you improve and become more comfortable with the rope, you can use this simple action to develop far more strenuous activities. Perhaps try some new variations, such as running whilst skipping, or skipping on one leg, to unleash those extra added benefits!

If at this point you find yourself still without a skipping rope, fear not, take a look in our store! And if you’re after a bit of added physical support for the extra vertical movements, be sure to check out our Boobuddy Breast Support Band too; combining these two powerful products is the perfect recipe for supported skipping success. 


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