Why Pilates is Important in Modern Life

Why Pilates is Important in Modern Life

In the turbulent aftermath of the First World War, a man by the name of Joseph Pilates set out to curate a form of physical fitness that would exercise and heal both the body and mind of the then wounded soldiers.

The techniques he created have endured for over a century, and still today, Pilates remains an extremely popular form of core-strengthening exercise.

But why has its popularity endured for all this time, and how are the techniques designed by Joseph Pilates over 100 years ago still relevant in the modern, non-stop world of today? Let’s take a closer look at just how this form of exercise influences the body and mind:

  1. Energy BoostBreathing regulation remains an integral piece of the Pilates process. And because controlling your oxygen intake greatly improves both lung capacity and blood circulation, you’re bound to feel both mentally and physically invigorated after your latest session.
  2. Connecting The Body & Mind - Joseph Pilates was adamant in the belief that his new form of exercise should offer “the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”. When we execute each movement with our total attention, precision and control, we unite the body and mind together in a greater, more holistic sense.
  3. Relieving Stress - Our muscles are typically the first casualty of the stresses of modern life, as they absorb the emotional demands that we incur on a daily basis. Because of this, the more stressed we are, the more prone we become to physical injury. Pilates works to relieve stress with a combination of gentle stretches; gradually conditioning the worst affected regions.
  4. Emotional Control - Joseph Pilates identified the relationship between our breathing and our level of emotional control, and it’s for this reason that he integrated breathing techniques into his method. Pilates will teach you how to control the way you breathe, and in turn, will improve the way you perceive and deal with your own emotions.
  5. Core Strength Development - Currently, the modern world is very much shut in, which only makes achieving your optimal fitness levels that much more challenging. Pilates however, thrives in such an environment, not only because it’s an activity that you can very much enjoy from the comfort of your home, but because it’s design to strengthen the very core of the body in an even and developed way.

You never know quite how the benefits of a physical activity will surprise you, but we hope that the extraordinary abilities of Pilates will do just that! However, if you’re new to the benefits of Pilates, fear not! We’ve got all the equipment and how-to videos to get you started on the right foot; just follow the links below to discover more!

Join the wonderful Chloe McGregor on our Pilates Resistance Band Workout video here.

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