Working Out From Home: The Official Guide

Working Out From Home: The Official Guide

Following a season of slumber and limited movement, it’s super important to get all the cogs and gears turning again in time for the highly anticipated arrival of 2022. And if you’re in your best optimal shape, both mentally and physically, you’ll be able to take full advantage of everything the new year has to offer.

So today, we’re going to share with our readers our 5 best at-home movements to exercise your muscles and mind:

Don’t Forget to Warm Up 

Cardio is a very good place to start, as it’ll pump fresh oxygen around your body, and increase your heart rate and breathing. We recommend starting with a mixture of Squats, Lunges and on-the-spot Jogging to warm up your muscles properly for more demanding routines.


As one of our favourite at-home workouts, Skipping engages every muscle in your body, and works wonders for boosting your cardiovascular framework and stamina. Plus it’s blood-rushing benefits will easily wash away any unwanted toxins from your system; so you’ll really be left feeling fresh.

3/4 Press Up

Similar to its traditional counterpart, but far more toning for your tummy! The 3/4 Press Up starts similarly to a normal Press Up, but instead your lower half should be resting on your knees; rather than your feet. Bend your elbows until your chest is nearly touching the floor, before pushing back and repeating for 10 reps!

Resisted Bench Press 

Begin by standing up straight and tall, with your Resistance Band looped around your feet and hands. Keeping your back steady, raise your hands and the band up to meet your shoulders, before slowly returning back to the original standing position. Repeat this movement for 15 reps.

Mountain Climber 

Go into a crawl position with your hands under your shoulders, and a set of Core Sliders under your feet. Engaging your core, slide your right knee to meet your chest, before quickly extending your leg and repeating with your left knee.

Continue to alternate your movements for 60 seconds, keeping your spine straight and your core engaged.

These 5 stellar movements will keep your body in peak position, whilst keeping those dreaded January Blues at bay. The importance of daily exercise should never be understated, and we hope that you’ll be starting 2022 as your very best self!

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