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I have found a product that will eliminate all "bounce", "upper wobbles" and something that could prevent that movement - that all ladies, particularly the bigger busted ones are familiar with - where you can just feel your boobs bouncing around - even in the best of sports bras.
I could not believe how effective these products are - for something that is SO simple - it is MASSIVELY effective and even when I put it through its paces in a sitting trot, I did not experience any of the "bounce" that I usually would.. Realistically, sports bras stop the main bounce, but the upper part of the boobs would still get ample movement and bounce - but not with the Booband! As a 38EE - I myself would always be extremely conscious of riding in a shirt or a t shirt - due to this - so to now have something that just wraps around and ties very comfortably with velcro is absolutely fantastic AND it reduces back ache!
 Booband is very very reasonably priced, with very quick dispatch, but this is one of those products that you can't put a price on they are so fabulous! :)

Believe me when I say that NO female equestrian should be without one of these!

PS - I would not just recommend these for horse riders, but for joggers, walkers - basically anyone who has an active lifestyle.

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I have always been a double (or triple) sports bra wearer, especially while riding horses and running on foot. With the Booband I can go with just one and feel secure enough to sit my horses' trot without that feeling of being all over the place with my "assets". I have never been more comfortable running (and riding), and I plan on getting some new colors as they become available! 
Zoe H.
I was sceptical.....I am very well endowed n so far nothing has contained those bad boys. I ride horses and run and both have caused my boobs to bounce right our of a bra and out my top before now but I figured it was worth it shot. I was amazed,it was all over my fb how excited I was that this product actually does what it says n keeps my chest in place. No more bouncing or embarrassment running knowing that my chest will have a life of its own. This really is an amazing item and a a must have for any women who does have a large chest. I can actually just have the booband over a normal bra n my boobs don't move an inch even when I'm jumping about. Truly amazing!!!! 

Janaya K.

Absolutely love this product would recommend it to everyone.   Mine arrived today, put it on and went straight out for a ride 🐎  - absolutely made a huge difference. Love it. Think I might have to buy another couple :)

Jessica B.